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From French toast to croissants; it is no secret that us Americans LOVE French food. Well, who can blame us? We are just grateful that the French brought their kitchen talents to America! But if you can’t afford the plane ticket across the pond, and you’re in the mood for a little je ne sais quoi in your dining experience, why not check out our personal top 3 French restaurants in the USA – Bon appetite!  
  1. Le Bernardin, New York City (NY) – https://www.le-bernardin.com/

After launching in Paris in 1972, Le Bernardin was an instant success, gaining three Michelin Stars in the process before migrating to New York in 1986. While in the Big Apple, owner Maguy Le Coze began working closely with a family friend, Chef Eric Ripert and, over time, their food has been rated number 1 by the New York Times in 2008, and second best French cuisine globally in 2017 on La Liste’s International List of 1,000 Restaurants. Le Bernardin restaurant has also released its own cookbook called ‘Le Bernardin – Four Star Simplicity’. Le Bernardin’s Menu is full of variety, some examples of their dishes include; Sea Lettuce, Lacquered Lobster Tail Tagliatelle, Black Truffle Sauce and much more. Priced at around $40 per dish, this sumptuous dining experience is worth every penny.  

Image Credit: www.le-bernardin.com

  1. The Blanchard, Chicago (IL) – https://www.theblanchardchicago.com

The Blanchard Restaurant situated in Lincoln Park, Chicago, has been voted Best French Restaurant in Chicago by Chicago Magazine. Offering great value for money, the award-winning restaurant offers two courses for $40, meaning you get a lot of buck for your dollar! Its tasty menu includes black miso Parisienne gnocchi, king crab, smoked crab beurre noisette, flavors of bouillabaisse and more – who could resist?

Image Credit: www.wheretraveler.com


3) Le Pigeon, Portland (OR) – http://lepigeon.com/

  Le Pigeon, situated in Portland offers a quirky environment, and even sells its own merchandise, including fun pigeon themed hats, saying ‘#Squab Goals’. But most importantly, Le Pigeon was voted top 10 French Cuisines in America by The New York Times. Starters average at around $25 and the main courses cost around $37, with diners enjoying an array of dishes to tantalize taste buds, offering delights such as ‘Lobster Stuffed Quail’ and ‘Charbroiled Carrot Steak’. Yes please!  

Image Credit: http://pamplinmedia.com

  Do you have a go-to favorite French restaurant near you? We’d love to hear about it over on our social channels.     *Feature Image Credit: www.le-bernardin.com