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With Bastille Day fast approaching, what better excuse to sit back, sunbathe and relax with a few delicious summer drinks. Here are a few of our favorites, with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ added for this fantastic French holiday. Vive la France!

1) Mimosas

Apart from delicious St Pierre pastries, magnificent mimosa cocktails are the perfect addition to a lazy summer brunch. Use ¾ cup of chilled Champagne with a ¼ cup of fresh orange juice to create this fresh and fruity cocktail perfect for toasting to France – santé!

Image Credit: Jeshoots

2) Bloody Mary

The infamous Bloody Mary cocktail is one of the world’s best loved cocktails to be enjoyed pre-lunch – but did you know that it came into existence in France? French bartender, Fernand Petiot, claimed to have invented the drink back in 1921 while working at Harry’s New York Bar. The legend goes that the drink was originally a mixture of tomato juice and vodka, until Petiot included the various seasonings that we now associate with this deliciously spicy beverage. These include:
  • Lime wedge
  • 1 Lemon wedge
  • dashes Tabasco Sauce
  • tsp Prepared horseradish
  • 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 pinch Celery salt
  • 1 pinch Ground black pepper
  • 1 pinch Smoked paprika
Mix these into a double shot of vodka, 200ml of Tomato juice and voila!

Image Credit: Flickr

3) Kir Royale

If you wish to add a touch of Champagne to your brunch, but would like to branch away from the popular Mimosa cocktail, why not try an equally divine French drink – the Kir Royale? Consisting of Crème de cassis topped with Champagne and served in a flute glass, this is the perfect cocktail to add a touch of glamour to your Bastille Day brunch.

Image Credit: Michael Matera

4) Berry Blitz

If you have chosen to steer clear of alcohol, this delicious cranberry mocktail with hints of raspberry is the perfect summer drink. Mix cranberry, lemonade and ice and garnish with mint and raspberry for a non-alcoholic take on the classic Cosmopolitan. cocktail-919074_1280

5) Citrus Sour

If you prefer a sour tang in your drinks rather than a fruity flavour, the Citrus Sour mocktail is the perfect drink for you this Bastille Day. Pour 2 oz. lime juice and 1 oz. lemon juice over ice and top with a dash of carbonated water. Mix a teaspoon of sugar and garnish with mint and lime.

Image Credit: Alcatrazoutlets

Which drinks will you be trying this Bastille Day? We’d love to see what culinary and cocktail-making delights you have in store. Don’t forget to tag St Pierre Bakery!