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St Pierre have extended their brioche, crêpes and viennoiserie range to now include chocolate and cinnamon flavoured sugar waffles. Although the rest of the St Pierre products mainly originate from France these Belgian sugar waffles still fit in with the rest of the range with the help of their rustic and authentic look and feel. The waffles are produced in Belgium and are made to an authentic liege waffle recipe that includes mixing caramelised sugar with waffle batter before cooking which creates a crisp sugary texture that everyone loves. The waffles are individually wrapped which helps keeps them fresher for longer and perfect to take on the go for a quick snack. The waffles come in a display case of ten that also has St Pierre branding, the case can be folded to open and show the waffles which is perfect for in store counter tops for consumers to easily grab on the go. CO UK Waffle Choc 90gCO UK Waffle Cinamon 90g If you would like to know more about the St Pierre range please contact us