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Europe – stunning, historic and revolutionary, and that’s just the food! If you are planning on trying the delectable offerings of this wonderful continent, then look no further than the humble patisserie. Combining traditional methods with modern techniques, and mouth-watering flavours, mainland Europe is a central hub for the patisserie and boasts some of the most modern confectionaries in the world. Are you ready to book that plane ticket? Read on to discover our top five best locations in Europe – Bon Appétit!

Demel, Vienna

Standing proudly in the Austrian capital since 1888, the Demel boutique is an official “Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court”, meaning that it’s officially loved by Royalty – a guarantee that you are in for a treat! The imposing windows are decorated with elaborate cake displays that are bound to lure in anybody with a sweet tooth. Once inside, you can be seated at a table in the café and soak in the decedent atmosphere of one of Vienna’s most acclaimed institutions whilst enjoying their Apfelstrudel – delicious!  

Image Credit: HiP Paris


Du Pain et des Idées, Paris

France is famous for its fantastic food, and Paris is arguably one of the finest locations in the world for luxurious patisseries. We highly recommend taking a trip to Du Pain et des Idées for what is said to be the best buttered croissant in Paris. Ran by Christopher Vasseur, the products are filled with passion and emotion, with Vasseur only using raw materials and his hands to create ‘bread like you have never seen before’. The shop may be bijou, but their passionate team and specialty in artisan bread makes this a must-see. Pat 2

Image Credit: Delicious Expeditions


Café Savoy, Prague

The enchanting Café Savoy in historic Prague is said to have some of the best breads and pastries in the city.  For the ultimate indulgence, try the Savoy Cake with a hot chocolate (made with Dominican cocoa and hot milk). We also recommend taking a trip downstairs where you will find a floor-to-ceiling window, which will give you a great live view of the bakery at work. Pat 3

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Conditori La Glace, Copenhagen

Enjoy traditional Danish pastries and moreish cream cakes at Conditori La Glace – the oldest bakery in Copenhagen. The Danes specialise in delicious sweet treats and this particular patisserie has been delivering to its loyal customers since 1870. This truly is a “must see” while visiting the city. Pat 4

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