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  1. 24/08/2021

    Coming Soon: St Pierre’s New Look

    The same delicious products but with a brand new look. Find out what’s happening with St Pierre – America’s favorite brioche brand.

  2. 17/06/2021

    Food Quiz: Can We Guess The Age Of Your Relationship?

    Here at St Pierre, we believe food and romance go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve created a food quiz to see if we can guess which stage of a relationship you’re at. Based on some simple, multiple-choice questions themed around your food preferences and eating habits, we’ll predict how long we think you’ve been […]

  3. 25/05/2021

    French Open Breakfast Ideas

    Wake up in Paris this French Open! To celebrate the start of the tournament, St Pierre has teamed up with Tennis Channel to inspire you with delicious breakfast ideas, to serve up the full Parisian experience.

  4. 24 Hours In Paris Competition Prize

    24 Hours In Paris – Competition

    We can’t get to Paris so we are bringing Paris to YOU in our latest competition!

  5. fried pumpkin chicken brioche burger

    5 Easy Ways to Switch to Brioche

    With National Brioche Day fast approaching (14th May), St Pierre is here to show you easy and delicious ways to switch to brioche every day. Every meal is made “magnifique” with St Pierre brioche, whether sweet or savory, any time of the day.

  6. St Pierre Superbowl competition. An overhead shot of a Superbowl Sunday food spread

    What is brioche? – 10 things you need to know about brioche

    What is brioche? How do you even pronounce the word? St Pierre is here to answer all your burning Brioche questions in honor of National Brioche Day!
    Find out everything about brioche and how to best enjoy it – and become a true Brioche expert!