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Ideal for a quick snack with a coffee, a leisurely breakfast with jams and jellies, or even baked into a decadent dessert, try our croissant products to make every meal a touch more magnifique.

Flaky, rich and slightly sweet – what could be better than a wonderfully golden croissant? At St Pierre we specialize in all things delicious, including classic French, flaky, satisfying and flavorful croissants.

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What are croissants?

Croissants are a quintessentially French product – classically elegant, flaky, golden and delicious. Croissants are made using a leavened and laminated dough (folded with butter) that gives it those crunchy layers. The name ‘croissant’ comes from the crescent shape these pastry delights are shaped into.

Croissants are commonly served as part of a breakfast spread in Europe, but they can also be used in place of bread in sandwiches or for dessert!

At St Pierre our croissant recipe has been carefully developed to create the most magnifique flavors. Our Croissants with Butter are delicious simply served on their own, but why not try them with your favorite jam or spread for an extra treat?

And for a more bite-sized treat, we’ve created our All Butter Mini Croissants which pack all the same wonderful flavors into a smaller size.

Where to buy croissants?

St Pierre croissants are available across the country in grocery stores. Find them in the in-store bakery aisle alongside our other products like brioche rolls and loaves.

Find where to buy St Pierre croissants.

How to eat croissants

There’s no right or wrong way to eat a croissant – however you like them best is perfect! One of the best ways to eat croissants, in our opinion, is to split a croissant and lightly toast it. Then, spread the inside with a light coating of butter and jam.

Croissants can be used as the base for an upgraded sandwich, or stuffed with cream, fruit and chocolate for a French-inspired dessert recipe.

As part of a breakfast spread or for a quick snack on the go, our All Butter Mini Croissants are the perfect compact size. They’re deliciously deceiving as they are full of flavor and are sure to be a firm family favorite!

If you feel like being a little more creative in the kitchen, our St Pierre team has created a few croissant recipes to add a bit of variety to the classic treat. So, why not try using the flaky pastries in a baked Savory Croissant Bake for an elegant breakfast? Or, stuff with your favorite sandwich fillings for a special occasion snack – à la our Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon Croissants.

Browse the full range of St Pierre products and baked goods. Bring a touch of French flair to your meals, right from the in-store bakery aisle in your local grocery store.

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