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Game Day sliders

Your meals will be the winner of any game this Game Day with St Pierre.

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Brioche Loaf Toast With A Jelly Jam Heart And Butter Spread On A Plate With Flowers and Tea

Take your Valentine’s Day to the City of Lights with St Pierre.

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Easter Leftover Lamb Burgers

Add some French sweetness to your Easter celebrations with St Pierre.

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Brioche French Toast Topped With Raspberries & Golden Syrup With St Pierre Brioche Loaf On A Plate

Give your “maman” a taste of Paris for Mother’s Day with St Pierre.

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National Brioche Day Occasion Loaded Brioche Burger on a wooden board and 4 pack US St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns on a Paris Balcony with the Eiffel Tower behind

Celebrate National Brioche Day in true St Pierre style.

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Father's Day Breakfast

Show your “papa” some love on Father’s Day with St Pierre

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St Pierre Outdoor Ocassion BBQ

Whatever the occasion, St Pierre has just the thing for you

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US Grilling Outdoor Spread

Summer, sun and BBQs – made Magnifique with St Pierre.

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crepe packed lunch snack

Add a taste of Paris to your lunchboxes with St Pierre

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St Pierre Halloween Monster Brioche Cheese Burger Buns

Celebrate spooky season the Parisian way with St Pierre.

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left over turkey slider sandwich

Add a Parisian touch to your Thanksgiving celebrations with St Pierre.

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Celebration Toast over Festive Dinner Table for a successful Thanksgiving

Add a touch of Parisian flair to the festive season with St Pierre

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What to make for Thanksgiving

What to make for Thanksgiving is always a big decision. An occasion for family, loved ones and good food, Thanksgiving is about to come together and celebrate while enjoying full plates of food. Make this year’s Thanksgiving table even more indulgent with St Pierre’s products, which are incredibly versatile and ideal for hosting a special meal for your loved ones. At St Pierre we love to add a touch of French flair to this American holiday, and use our European-style products to add new and exciting twists to the classics.

Thanksgiving spread

Thanksgiving dinner is often one of the most loved family gatherings of the year. It’s a time for gratitude, loved ones and spending quality time together.

From laying the table with fall-themed center pieces and candles, to the traditional flag football game after dinner, this is a truly magical time of year. Of course, at St Pierre we think every event is improved with a little French flair – even Turkey Day – so we’ve also come up with some Parisian-inspired Thanksgiving ideas for decorating, table setting and that all important ambiance. Our range of products, found in the in-store bakery aisle in your local grocery store, bring a simple touch of French sophistication to any meal, any dish, any occasion.

Thanksgiving breakfast idea

Start the day off right with an amazing Thanksgiving breakfast for the whole family. You can’t go wrong with a stack of Brioche French Toast, made with our golden Brioche Loaf, to set the festive mood.

cinnamon twist French toast, peanut butter and banana

Sweet, soft and deliciously decadent, you can jazz up your French toast however you like. Try it with the classic combination of butter and syrup, topped with berries and powdered sugar, or for a seasonal twist go for fall flavors like cinnamon, apple and cranberry.

Why not try these French Toast ideas out this Thanksgiving…

  • Cinnamon Twist French Toast
  • Blood Orange French Toast
  • French Toast Casserole
raspberry French toast casserole

Thanksgiving brunch ideas

For a French twist on your Thanksgiving brunch, you can’t go wrong with bread, cheese and jam! A true Parisian favorite for a reason, this is a great option for snacking and light bites before the big meal gets served up later on.

To add a little indulgence to your continental spread, try using soft and golden Brioche Rolls and some good quality French jam, preserves or marmalade.

For a later start to the day, Brioche French Toast Casserole is a ideal family option.

left over turkey slider sandwich

Thanksgiving lunch ideas

Whether you use it for lunch on Black Friday, or go for a slightly different route for your turkey on the big day, our Leftover Turkey Sliders are sure to be a hit. They’re easy to put together, combining leftover meat, cranberry jelly and our soft Brioche Slider Rolls.

For something a little different, pile juicy pulled pork into the rolls to make easy finger food that can be eaten casually as the family waits for the main event.

Try our Grilled Pulled Pork Burgers with Jalapeño Slaw. Or, if being in the kitchen all day for the main Thanksgiving Dinner is enough work, there’s nothing wrong with an easy, all-American classic. Upgrade your grilled cheese with slices of rich, soft Brioche Loaf for our perfect Brioche Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

White Chocolate & Cheery Almond Tear And Share for Holidays Thanksgiving Christmas

Thanksgiving dessert ideas

After the main Thanksgiving Dinner you may well be more stuffed than the turkey, but it’s always a good idea to prepare at least a little something sweet for dessert. After all, there’s no such thing as too many treats on Thanksgiving!

For a showstopper dessert that’s surprisingly simple to put together, grab a Brioche to Share and add some Parisian-inspired flavors to create our decadent White Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Brioche to share.

A perfect sweet end to a big meal. Or, take our wonderfully sweet Cinnamon Brioche to whip up a stunning Pecan and Maple Cinnamon Twist that’s the ideal autumnal treat.

Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Brioche Toasties

Whether you go traditional with a bronzed turkey and all the trimmings or opt for something a little different, make your Thanksgiving dinner extra special with St Pierre USA. Tasty stuffing for your turkey, made with cubed Brioche Loaf? How about a side dish of buttery Brioche Garlic Bread, or a Pecan & Maple Cinnamon Twist for a tasty Thanksgiving dessert or fall snack?

For a full guide to what to make for Thanksgiving, check out our Thanksgiving Recipe Inspiration blog, or browse our full selection of Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving Guide by St Pierre

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the most sacred, beloved and treasured days in the American calendar, Thanksgiving is a holiday that means the arrival of the holiday season. We love Thanksgiving for its unapologetic festiveness. The fall colors, the crunchy leaves, the decadent food, the warming drinks, the family traditions. However you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we’re sure it’s all about gratefulness, happiness, love and joy. And, hopefully, good food!

Here are a few of our top tips for organizing the best Thanksgiving dinner party, with a few French twists to make it extra magnifique, of course… You can also check-out our dedicated Thanksgiving page for even more suggestions.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving grocery shopping

As with most things, tackling Thanksgiving shopping – deals, offers and regular grocery shopping – is all about preparation. If you’re hosting, you need to think about all aspects of your menu in advance, and make sure you know where you’ll pick them up, how long they’ll last, how many you’ll need, and what you’ll do if your local grocery store is out of stock.

The team at St Pierre recommend planning at least one spare side dish for your main meal, in case something seasonal is out of stock, or you need a little extra to bulk up those plates if an unexpected guest happens to drop by. Plus, you can never have too many leftovers, right?!

Of course, for us, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without some baked goods and sweet treats. St Pierre products, including brioche, croissants and waffles, are available in grocery stores and shopping aisles across the country – find out where to buy St Pierre bread.

Decor Kit

Thanksgiving decorations ideas

While we love a fall theme – full of reds, bronze, gold and deep greens – there’s no real rule on how to decorate a Thanksgiving table. You can match it to your home, a particular theme, your favorite team, or go for something entirely different. Whatever you choose, make sure you go all out – it’s a special occasion after all!

Pick a center piece of fall flowers, seasonal berries, or something beautiful – we like candles, glasses, vases or even decorative pumpkins and gourds. Our team’s top tip is to embrace the chaos a little – if you don’t have enough matching plates or glasses, mix and match for an effortlessly chic, almost Parisian bohemian feel.

Struggling to find a theme for your Thanksgiving this year, or just simply want to take the hassle out of sorting it? Take a look at our Printable Holiday Decor Kit. We have created templates for place cards, menus and even a napkin and cutlery holder that you can print at home to impress your loved ones when they sit down at the table.

Maple & Pecan Cinnamon Twist

Thanksgiving dessert ideas to impress

While we know the turkey is the main star of the show, dessert cannot be skipped over especially for those with a sweet tooth looking forward to it! If you’re looking for a hassle-free option, our Brioche To Share is the perfect balance between spending as little time creating a showstopping dessert, but creating something that will impress your guests instantly.

We also have a  variety,  and a Brioche Cinnamon Twist in case you’re looking for something different. Take a look at our  – it has ideas using these brioche products taking less than 30 minutes, and featuring some classic Thanksgiving flavors including pecan and maple.

Ready to start your Thanksgiving grocery shopping? Find out where to buy St Pierre brioche, croissants, waffles and more.

Thanksgiving Recipes

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