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Game Day sliders

Your meals will be the winner of any game this Game Day with St Pierre.

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Brioche Loaf Toast With A Jelly Jam Heart And Butter Spread On A Plate With Flowers and Tea

Take your Valentine’s Day to the City of Lights with St Pierre.

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Easter Leftover Lamb Burgers

Add some French sweetness to your Easter celebrations with St Pierre.

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Brioche French Toast Topped With Raspberries & Golden Syrup With St Pierre Brioche Loaf On A Plate

Give your “maman” a taste of Paris for Mother’s Day with St Pierre.

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National Brioche Day Occasion Loaded Brioche Burger on a wooden board and 4 pack US St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns on a Paris Balcony with the Eiffel Tower behind

Celebrate National Brioche Day in true St Pierre style.

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Father's Day Breakfast

Show your “papa” some love on Father’s Day with St Pierre

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St Pierre Outdoor Ocassion BBQ

Whatever the occasion, St Pierre has just the thing for you

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US Grilling Outdoor Spread

Summer, sun and BBQs – made Magnifique with St Pierre.

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crepe packed lunch snack

Add a taste of Paris to your lunchboxes with St Pierre

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St Pierre Halloween Monster Brioche Cheese Burger Buns

Celebrate spooky season the Parisian way with St Pierre.

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left over turkey slider sandwich

Add a Parisian touch to your Thanksgiving celebrations with St Pierre.

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Celebration Toast over Festive Dinner Table for a successful Thanksgiving

Add a touch of Parisian flair to the festive season with St Pierre

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Trick or treat? With St Pierre brioche, every Halloween party is magnifique. Let St Pierre make your spooktastic Halloween a delicious one with our range of easy to use baked goods, found in the in-store bakery section.

Halloween may be famous for candy – king-size candy bars, candy corn, candied apples – but here at St Pierre we’ve thought of a few ways to elevate the holiday with brioche to bring a French twist to your fall table.

Whether you make an extra indulgent homemade twist to your trick or treat spread to become the most loved neighbors on the block, or plan a full day’s spooky brioche menu for your family, make Halloween magnifique with St Pierre.

Slow Roast Pork And Apple Sauce Baps

What to bake for Halloween

There are lots of amazing Halloween recipes out there – from treat-sized candy ideas for trick or treaters to amazing three-course feasts for a festive family Halloween dinner.

At St Pierre we believe the best celebrations are those based around good home cooked food, and Halloween is no exception. With our Halloween food ideas, you can create a spooky special dinner worthy of a grand artiste – or a haunted one, at least.

Take a look at our meal ideas below for ways to serve up brioche to your loved ones this Halloween using St Pierre…

Blood Orange French Toast

Halloween breakfast ideas

While it’s tempting to have pumpkin (or candy) for every meal on Halloween, at St Pierre we love any excuse for a little créativité.

Try to incorporate fall flavors and a bit of French flair into your typical breakfast favorites for a sure-fire way to served up a successful and delicious Halloween breakfast.

Love French toast? Try it with a citrussy and tangy topping – fittingly spooky with the addition of blood oranges. So delicious it’s almost scary. Check out our Blood Orange French Toast recipe.

Firecracker Chicken

Halloween lunch ideas

Ok, so it’s only fitting to add a little pumpkin to your diet on this most important day of spooky season. For a lighter lunch that will hopefully save a bit of room for trick or treating later on, try a veggie-packed sandwich.

If you’re in need of something to serve to your guests this Fall, then try these Firecracker Chicken Bagels. Spicy chicken served inside a lightly sweet St Pierre Brioche Bagel makes for a delicious sweet and spicy combo. Easy to make and great for serving at your next Halloween party.

Halloween Black Bean Burger

Halloween dinner ideas

To fuel up for an evening of trick or treating, scary story telling and costume contests, you’ll need something filling and delicious.

We think our special Halloween Black Bean Burgers are a great family friendly option full of protein – plus you can add a stalk made out of the top of a chili or bell pepper to make your Brioche Burger Bun look like a pumpkin!

If you’re looking for something with a little kick, give our Halloween Hot Dogs with a Hot ‘n’ Fiery Sauce a go. These scarily good hot dogs elevate the classic hot dog with chilis, roasted onions and juicy tomatoes.

Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding

Halloween dessert ideas

Grabbing handfuls of Halloween candy is an option, but we think variety is the spice of life so here’s another idea for your Halloween sweet treat…

Sticky, sweet, golden and bursting with fall flavors, this Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding is the best way to warm up after a night of exploring the neighborhood in costume. It’s made with crunchy apples, sweet toffee and golden brioche for added flavor and texture.

For a full guide to what to make for Halloween, check out our Halloween Recipe Ideas blog, or browse our full selection of recipes for Halloween.

Paris Spooky Place - Catacombes

Halloween guide by St Pierre

Spooky, scary, sweet. That’s how we think Halloween should be celebrated. There’s nothing quite like a Halloween party, with costumes and sweet treats galore. St Pierre creates rich, golden and delicious products (found in your local grocery store), designed to make your All Hallows’ Eve feast fantastique.

Inspired by our Parisian range to enjoy a ghoulish rendez-vouz?! Read our Spooky Guide to Paris for the ultimate Halloween holiday idea. If you’re ever visiting the City of Light on October 31st, or fancy experiencing the spooky side of the French capital, read our blog post for some of our favorite hauntingly good spots in Paris.

Find out where to buy St Pierre brioche, croissants, waffles and more to stock up before October 31st and make your Halloween magnifique.

Friends Partying Outside Around Table Full of The Best Savoury Halloween Food Ideas

Get ready to elevate your Halloween celebrations with a spine-chilling potluck that will leave everyone spellbound! This captivating article is your ultimate guide to hosting or attending a Halloween potluck filled with devilishly delicious dishes and eerie delights. From mouthwatering entrées to dessert ideas, the recipes will captivate any crowd. With additional tips on decorations, costumes, games, and even spooky stories, this article promises to make your Halloween potluck a fang-tastic and unforgettable experience. So, grab your cauldron, delve into these magnifique ideas, and get ready to conjure up frightful fun that will have everyone howling for more!

Halloween Recipes

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