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National Brioche Day

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What Is National Brioche Day?

National Brioche Day Recipes

Brought to you by St Pierre, National Brioche Day is a day completely dedicated to celebrating the wonderful French specialty that is brioche. It’s a time for treating yourself to something indulgent, elevating your everyday meals, and making the most of a true French classic.

We believe something as rich, and delicious as the iconic brioche deserves its very own day. So, we’ve created a range of easy and delicious recipes, serving suggestions and meal ideas for you to enjoy, so you can add a taste of Paris to your everyday meals.

When Is National Brioche Day?

St Pierre’s National Brioche Day is held on May 14th. Be ready to celebrate with us!

A timeless, effortlessly elegant classic, brioche is the ideal addition to your table for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Browse our selection of authentic simple but delicious recipes for some inspiration, and add a taste of Paris to your everyday meals.

The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to brioche. Breakfast or lunch, sweet or savory. Find inspiration in our wide range of recipes, or go off script with a little culinary invention of your own… what could possibly be more French than style, flair and creativity?

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What is brioche bread?

Brioche is a soft, lightly sweet and enriched French bread that is used in both sweet and savory dishes to add a little bit of indulgence. Because brioche dough is enriched, it has a truly rich and decadent taste – every bite is a taste of Paris.

A little treat or a showstopping meal. St Pierre brioche makes every day magnifique.

How do you pronounce brioche?

The word ‘brioche’ is pronounced bree-yosh. But however you say it and wherever you’re from, the bread’s light richness and lightly sweet taste will instantly transport you to Paris for a quintessentially French culinary experience. Ooh la la!

Need to know more about the wonderful world of brioche? Here’s more on everything you need to know about brioche.

Sweet Brunch Breakfast Brioche French Toast Serve With Bananas And Caramel Sauce

What to do with brioche bread?

Brioche is a wonderfully versatile bread, that works equally well in savory and sweet dishes. We like ours with lashings of French butter and jam, and also nestled in a rich custard for the most decadent brioche bread casserole. Use our St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns for constructing the ultimate cheeseburger, or take a few slices of St Pierre Brioche Loaf and create an elegant sandwich befitting of a Parisian café. For a little extra indulgence, use our St Pierre Chocolate Chip Brioche Loaf to make a soft and sweet chocolate brioche casserole.

For more authentically French inspiration and ways to elevate your mealtimes, check out our recipe selection.

Frenquently Asked Questions

What is National Brioche Day?

National Brioche Day is a whole day dedicated to celebrating and enjoying classic brioche! The enriched French bread is the ideal addition to any meal, and is a classically indulgent treat for whenever you wish to add a touch of Parisian flair to your day.

When is National Brioche Day?

National Brioche Day is celebrated on May 14 each year. You can take part by including a French twist to your everyday meal by adding some rich, sweet brioche – perhaps by swapping out your classic burger bun for a St Pierre Brioche one, or by making a brioche casserole.

Who invented National Brioche Day?

National Brioche Day was dreamed up by the St Pierre, who wanted to find a way to give the soft, rich bread the celebration it deserves! We love to celebrate with a full day’s menu – breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner – inspired by our range of brioche products. It really is magnifique!

What do you eat on National Brioche Day?

Brioche, brioche and more brioche! It’s so easy to include brioche in your staple meals, though we also have an entire recipe section dedicated to adding some French flair and creativity to your day! Try substituting your regular bread for a slice of toasted brioche, or pack a sandwich in a soft, and golden brioche sub roll for lunch!

National Brioche Day Recipes

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