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Game Day sliders

Your meals will be the winner of any game this Game Day with St Pierre.

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Brioche Loaf Toast With A Jelly Jam Heart And Butter Spread On A Plate With Flowers and Tea

Take your Valentine’s Day to the City of Lights with St Pierre.

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Easter Leftover Lamb Burgers

Add some French sweetness to your Easter celebrations with St Pierre.

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Brioche French Toast Topped With Raspberries & Golden Syrup With St Pierre Brioche Loaf On A Plate

Give your “maman” a taste of Paris for Mother’s Day with St Pierre.

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National Brioche Day Occasion Loaded Brioche Burger on a wooden board and 4 pack US St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns on a Paris Balcony with the Eiffel Tower behind

Celebrate National Brioche Day in true St Pierre style.

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Father's Day Breakfast

Show your “papa” some love on Father’s Day with St Pierre

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St Pierre Outdoor Ocassion BBQ

Whatever the occasion, St Pierre has just the thing for you

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US Grilling Outdoor Spread

Summer, sun and BBQs – made Magnifique with St Pierre.

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crepe packed lunch snack

Add a taste of Paris to your lunchboxes with St Pierre

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St Pierre Halloween Monster Brioche Cheese Burger Buns

Celebrate spooky season the Parisian way with St Pierre.

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left over turkey slider sandwich

Add a Parisian touch to your Thanksgiving celebrations with St Pierre.

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Celebration Toast over Festive Dinner Table for a successful Thanksgiving

Add a touch of Parisian flair to the festive season with St Pierre

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Summer, sun, grilling and good company – make it magnifique with St Pierre USA

St Pierre Outdoor Ocassion BBQ

The sun is shining, you’ve got good company – the ideal setting for grilling. Host the perfect backyard barbecue for your friends and family, and add a touch of French flair with St Pierre.

Turn a normal cookout into something elegant and memorable – think Brioche Burger Buns, grilled brioche toasted sandwiches and loaded hot dogs served in the softest Brioche Rolls. An all-American grill with a little French elegance? Ooh la la!

Grilling made simple with St Pierre

Whether you’re looking for the perfect accompaniments for your grills or some barbecue recipe inspiration, make your grilling occasions magnifique with St Pierre.

Tuna Steak Burgers

Get grill ready – plan ahead with our grilling checklist

Our top tips for grilling and hosting the perfect barbecue are simple – indulge in quality produce and plan ahead!

There’s nothing more French than a celebration with food and drinks, so we at St Pierre know a thing or two about hosting a magnifique get together. We’ve put together an easy guide to planning a barbecue for friends, family and loved ones.

Hot Dog Platter

Menu planning made simple

Start out by picking your proteins, then think about a few sides: we like to plan for at least two to three. For some French flair, choose some St Pierre options – whether it’s some Sesame Seed Brioche Burger Buns for a classic barbecue staple, or some slices of Chocolate Chip Brioche Loaf for a quick grilled dessert. Add some veggies – corn, bell peppers, mushrooms, for example – and maybe some grill-friendly fruit for dessert – we like pineapple, bananas and some summer berries with our barbecues.

Lay the table

In France, style is everything. The same should be true of your barbecue! Ahead of time, make sure you’ve got enough plates, cutlery, napkins and glasses. Don’t forget bowls, a cutting board, serving spoons and the all-important toothpicks! You might want to cut down on clean up with paper plates and cups, or you might be keeping it classy with proper tableware. Either way, make sure there’s enough for everyone, and try to keep a few spare just in case.

Be prepared to weather a storm

Even the best laid plans can be spoilt with a little rain, but a little prep can turn a washout from meh to magnifique! Whether it’s picking up a few umbrellas or ponchos for guests to have on hand, putting up a tent or awning for your grill, or even enjoying your barbecued treats indoors as the rain pours, have a plan just in case the skies open.

Ice, ice, baby!

Sure, you’re grilling so it’s all about the food, right? However, if you don’t get your drinks service right, your barbecue could well be a miss rather than a hit. Fill up the ice cube trays well in advance, and pop them into a zip lock sandwich bag in the freezer to keep room for making more. If all else fails and time gets the best of you, make a quick trip to the grocery store for a couple of handy bags of pre-prepared ice!

Think outside the box

Burgers, hot dogs, grilled corn, s’mores – these are the grilling staples we know and love. But why not try a little ingenuity and creativity? Think like a true Parisian and instil your cookout with a touch of inspiration – perhaps a brioche grilled cheese, charred pineapple with sliced brioche croutons, or a toasted croissant filled with bacon? Sounds magnifique to us.

Grilling Recipes

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