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The popular breakfast treat has been a staple of the American diet for as long as we can remember. Teamed with mouth-watering syrup and bacon or laden with fresh summer berries, the combinations of this delicious snack are endless. But how did the humble pancake come to be? Read on to find out more…

Ancient Cuisine

You may associate pancakes with highway diners or a lazy brunch, but did you know that they first appeared back in Ancient Greece under the moniker ‘Tagenites’? Made with wheat, flour, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk, they were usually served for breakfast – not too dissimilar to today! It has been thought that pancakes have been around since the Neolithic Age (or to put it simply, the ‘New Stone Age’!) where our early ancestors ground einkorn wheat into flour mixed with bird egg and goats milk before pouring the batter onto a heated rock. pancake 1

Coming to America

Today, pancakes are the essential part of a classic American breakfast, but did you know they have only been on our tables since the 19th Century? Already a popular food staple in Europe, Dutch and English settlers brought their variations of pancakes over America followed by the arrival of the first ever pancake ready mix, developed by Chris Rutt and Charles Underwood, in 1889. pancake 2

Around the World

There are hundreds of delicious pancake combinations enjoyed across the globe, with some key variations including:
  • Served for breakfast with bananas – Uganda, Asia
  • Made with dough instead of batter and served as a side – China
  • Rice pancakes with eggs and meat on top – Nepal
  • Thin crepes made without yeast and filled with jam, fruit, potato, meat or vegetables and baked – Russia
  • Using just three key ingredients; plain flour, eggs, and milk creating a thin runny batter which is later topped with lemon juice and sugar – England
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Pancake Day

If you live north of the border in Canada, or across the pond in the U.K and Ireland, or even in far flung destinations such as New Zealand and Australia, you would most likely celebrate ‘Pancake Day’. The Christian holiday, formally known as Shrove Tuesday, comes from the tradition of using up the remaining fat or lard in your household before you started Lent.

Bet you didn’t know…

  From world records to national days, impress your friends with some weird and wonderful facts about this tasty treat:
  • If you are a fan of pancakes you can not only celebrate on September 26th (National Pancake Day) but also on January 28th (National Blueberry Pancake Day)! We’ll just grab our knife and fork…
  • Those enjoying their pancakes in France, traditionally hold a coin in one hand and touch the handle of the frying pan with the other while making a wish as the pancake is turned.
  • One pancake fanatic ran a whole marathon while continually tossing a pancake. They completed the race in three hours, two minutes and twenty-seven seconds!
  • The world’s biggest pancake was cooked in Greater Manchester (England), in 1994. The gargantuan morsel was 15 meters in diameter, weighed in at three tonnes and had an estimated two million calories! We’ll take ours to go…
pancake 4 If this blog has got you hankering for some delicious pancakes, why not dine as the French do and try out our mouth-watering chocolate filled crepes – the delectable European alternative to this yummy snack. Bon appetite!