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National Brioche Day French Toasts Oh La La

10 Reasons to Celebrate National Brioche Day

Brioche is soft and lightly sweet, ideal or anytime of the day, for both everyday meals and special occasions. So come and celebrate with St Pierre on May 14th for National Brioche Day.

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The best day of the year is coming up on May 14th.National Brioche Day – and we are looking forward to a whole day celebrating our favorite food.

We’re sure you won’t be needing an excuse to celebrate National Brioche Day, but just in case we have put together a list of 10 reasons to celebrate National Brioche Day with St Pierre.

If you want anymore information on National Brioche Day, be sure to check out our National Brioche Day Occasion page. With all your questions about brioche and this magnifique day answered, as well as some recipe inspiration, it’s worth checking out!

10 Reasons To Celebrate National Brioche Day With St Pierre

1. St Pierre Brioche is Golden & Soft

We pride ourselves on making high-quality and simply delicious brioche. With a light and airy texture, rich taste and just a touch of sweetness, St Pierre makes every meal magnifique including sweet and savory dishes, as well as for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. For ideas of how to use St Pierre brioche in your next meal, take a look at our Recipes page.

Peanut Butter Jelly Sliced Loaves

2. St Pierre Brioche is Real Brioche

Our brioche is not brioche-style bread. St Pierre believes in bringing the joy of French bakery to brioche lovers around the world, with a passion for quality and a love of good brioche. Find out more about our brioche.

Salmon Brioche Breakfast Bagel

3. St Pierre is America’s Favorite Brioche

We have been voted America’s favorite brioche by you, the people. And we love being your favorite.

St Pierre Outdoor Ocassion BBQ

4. St Pierre Brings A Taste of Paris Magic To Your Homes

From our chic packaging, to our authentic French recipes… St Pierre love to add a touch of Paris to every meal, everywhere. Six centuries of French baking and pâtisserie know-how go into every St Pierre product, and our aim is that our indulgent treats will transport you to the boulevards and terraces of the City of Lights. Let us take you on a virtual trip to Paris with our 24 Hours in Paris digital experience.

5. St Pierre Products are Made To Authentic French Recipes

Enjoy a taste of Paris in every bite. Our brioche is real brioche, not Brioche style bread and we make sure to only use the highest quality ingredients. Discover St Pierre’s product range.

Brioche French Toast

6. St Pierre Brioche Is Delicious In Both Sweet & Savory Meals

Every one of our brioche products is delicious and multipurpose. Whether you enjoy them with something sweet or savory, they make every meal magnifique. Whether you’re new to brioche, or stuck for ways to use it in your next meal, take a look at our dedicated sweet and savory recipe pages to see what’s possible with St Pierre Brioche.

fried chicken waffle sandwich burger

7. St Pierre Is Great for Sharing

Our brioche is soft, light and has just enough sweetness. They’re ideal for hosting and sharing with your loved ones and will impress your guests every time. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at our brioche sharing ideas below:

Parisian Breakfast Platter

Simply lay a variety of different brioche products, alongside waffles and croissants, on you dining table and serve with your favorite spreads and jellies for a truly authentic French breakfast experience.

Breakfast Spread

Hot Dog Party Platter

For something to share with family or friends for a special occasion such as Game Day, create a hot dog platter like Reluctant Entertainer. Simply serve our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls alongside your favorite hot dogs and toppings, and you’re sure to make any occasion magnifique.

8. St Pierre Brioche is Non GMO

All of our products are GMO free and are made without high fructose corn syrup, so you can enjoy them with peace of mind. Make sure you check individual product packs for full nutritional information, as well as our Products page.

Outdoor Family BBQ

9. St Pierre is Loved by Celebs

Famous faces such as JLo and The Rock have also used St Pierre brioche to make delicious recipes, and Chrissy Teigan follows us for inspiration.

St Pierre Makes Everyday Magnifique

We have plenty of inspiration, recipe ideas and serving suggestions, so you never run out of ways to enjoy our brioche.

Let us know how you will be celebrating National Brioche Day over on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us @stpierreeurope!

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