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Family Meal Ideas By St Pierre

Family Meal Ideas For Everyone To Enjoy

What to make for a family dinner this week? Figure out what to cook using Brioche products

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Figuring out what to make for the family can be a tricky decision. You’ve got to factor in budget, time, ingredients and making sure all the picky eaters are accounted for. Deciding on family dinner ideas that suit everyone and keeping things interesting can be a challenge – so St Pierre is here to help!

Our range of products makes it simple to incorporate flavor and exciting ideas into your weekly meal rotation.

Our range of products makes it simple to incorporate flavor and exciting ideas into your weekly meal rotation. We’ve put together a family meal ideas list to help bring some fantastique inspiration to your family feasts.

Meal ideas for families from St Pierre

Cooking for your family is a real privilege – though it can sometimes be a bit of a hassle.  Figuring out what everyone wants, what you’ve got to use up in the refrigerator, and finding time to cook a complicated feast just isn’t weeknight friendly.

Attractive young African American housewife in beige dress standing in kitchen with utensils and wooden spoon having pensive facial expression, thinking what to cook for dinner. Cuisine Family Meal ideas

At St Pierre our products are designed to be easy to use, and simple to incorporate into your weekly routine. Whether it’s burger night or hot dogs in front of the big game, a family breakfast recipe packed with nutritious goodness or a decadent dessert to celebrate the end of the week… we’ve got it all covered in our family recipe collection.

The best family meal ideas and family-friendly recipes

  1. Brioche Grilled Cheese

A family favorite and classic recipe for a reason, you can’t go wrong with a grilled cheese, especially when made with slices of Brioche Loaf. Looking to get some extra veggies into your kids’ meals? Try serving your super delicious Brioche Grilled Cheese with a side salad, carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes on the side.

A Brioche Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe on a white plate next to lettuce and tomatoes

For a warming family lunch in the winter, why not slice your brioche grilled cheese into bite sized pieces and serve it alongside some creamy tomato soup?

  1. Brioche Classic Cheeseburger

Whether you’re grilling or simply putting on a family burger night, treat your loved ones to our delicious Brioche Classic Cheeseburger. Pair with the right toppings – freshly sliced tomatoes, lettuce, sliced and grilled onion – and you can pack in plenty of nutrition too. The softness of our St Pierre Brioche Burger Buns makes this, in our opinion, one of the best cheeseburger recipes out there.

Classic Brioche Cheeseburger

Serve with fries and onion rings, or a side salad and grilled corn for the perfect burger night feast.

  1. Cookies and Cream Rolls

For something sweet, how about a new use for Brioche Hot Dog Rolls? Put a fun twist on the classic combination of Oreo cookies and cream with our Cookies and Cream Brioche Rolls.

An overhead photo of Cookies and Cream Brioche Rolls on a wooden board ideal for Valentine's Day Quiz

It’s a great family dessert idea, ideal for celebrating the end of the school year or just the weekend! Try them as part of a pot luck style spread, or as dessert after your family meal.

  1. Brioche French Toast

Treat the family to a special breakfast or brunch with our French toast recipes. Family breakfast or brunch with kids – brioche makes the ultimate French toast.

Brioche French Toast

For something really special (perhaps for grown-up family get togethers or with some not-too picky eaters), our team highly recommends the French Toast with Bananas and Caramel Sauce recipe.

Check out more recipes from our team. If you make any of our family recipe ideas, make sure to tag @StPierreUSA on Instagram and Facebook.