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  1. St Pierre Picnic Spread

    Father’s Day Activities

    St Pierre is here to help you having a “magnifique” Father’s Day with these ideas for activities to do with your dad!

  2. 09/05/2021

    Mother’s Day Recipe Ideas from St Pierre

    Mother’s Day – or as the French say, “la fête des mères” – is fast approaching, and there’s nothing quite like treating your mom to a nice day full of delicious Parisian food. Keep reading for some stunning recipe idea’s from St Pierre that will make your mom’s day.

  3. St Pierre Superbowl competition. An overhead shot of a Superbowl Sunday food spread

    What is brioche? – 10 things you need to know about brioche

    What is brioche? How do you even pronounce the word? St Pierre is here to answer all your burning Brioche questions in honor of National Brioche Day!
    Find out everything about brioche and how to best enjoy it – and become a true Brioche expert!