Brioche Holiday Star: Our Limited Edition Product

Add a touch of Parisian flare with St Pierre this holiday season

St Pierre's Brioche Holiday Star limited edition product

This holiday season, find our limited edition Brioche Tear and Share Star, available exclusively at Kroger.

Introducing our latest product to you – our St Pierre Brioche Holiday Star. It’s a festive spin on our classic tear and share and is as versatile as it is delicious.

A festive treat made with our signature light and soft brioche and sweet swirls of vanilla custard, our Brioche Holiday Star a treat for the whole family. Whether you enjoy it around some hot chocolate with your loved ones, or turn it into a showstopper, our St Pierre Holiday Star can do it all.

It is truly a feast for all your senses – take a look below…

Taste: Lightly sweet and rich brioche swirls around creamy and decadent vanilla custard, for a sweet taste that’s surprisingly light.

Touch: Bouncy and soft brioche and smooth custard, ready to be sliced, torn and enjoyed

Sight: Pale custard meets golden brioche in swirls, in a festive star shape

Aroma: Sweet, rich and satisfying on its own, and a delicious canvas for your holiday creations.

If you’re feeling creative this holiday season, try your hand at our recipe for Raspberry and Cream Brioche. Made with thick and decadent cream and fresh raspberries, it’s Christmas colored and a sweet treat for the whole family, with almost no effort.

Find the recipe here

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If you’re looking for ideas as to how to use them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, why not check out our Recipes pages.

And you can find out where to buy our products for the holiday season on our Where To Buy page.

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