pate brioche rolls

Paté Toast

A quick and easy light lunch or a tasty afternoon snack

Prep: 5 minutesServes: 8


8 St Pierre Brioche Rolls
Paté of your choice
Pickles/Deli bites


  1. Slice the brioche roll lengthways and gently toast or chargrill to a warm, crispy texture
  2. Generously spread your favorite paté over each half of the brioche roll
  3. Add your favorite pickles or deli bites around the plate, and enjoy
St Pierre brioche rolls

8 Brioche Rolls

A pack of deliciously soft brioche rolls – individually wrapped to maintain freshness – so you can enjoy as a snack or as part of a sweet or savory meal. With their delicately sweet flavor, they bring a taste of Europe straight to your plate.

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