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We may be a little biased, but we think there are few greater joys in life than a decadent, fluffy, soft slice of brioche. The perfect treat for when you need a little indulgence, need to elevate your everyday meals, or want to add a touch of Paris to your plate. But what do you do with brioche, and what are the best brioche recipes?

At St Pierre we know a thing or two about how to use brioche and the best dishes to make. We’ve put together a collection of tried and trusted recipes designed to add a little Parisian flair to your mealtime routine. Read on to find your new favorite brioche recipe…

What can you do with brioche?

Brioche bread is incredibly versatile, lending itself perfectly to breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. Just as perfect in a savory dish as in a sweet recipe, brioche’s light, soft sweetness is irresistible.

Looking for the best ways to use brioche? Browse our collection of some of our favorite brioche recipes to find some inspiration for your table. French flair plus your own creativity – a guaranteed recipe for success!

Our Favorite Brioche Recipes

Brioche Burger With Pickles

What can you make with brioche bread?

Some of the dishes you can make using brioche include:

  • Sandwiches
  • Grilled cheese
  • Bread Casserole
  • French toast
  • Burgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Croutons for salad
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Tear and share bread
  • Garlic bread

Of course, sometimes you can’t go wrong with a little bit of elegant simplicity – imagine the scene of a classic café in Paris. So, sometimes we must admit we enjoy a toasted Sliced Brioche Loaf with a little jelly or jam, and plenty of butter!

There are countless delicious, decadent and daring recipes to use brioche’s understated sweetness in. Try it for breakfast in French toast, enjoy a brioche sandwich for lunch, and indulge in a classic Brioche Burger Bun at dinnertime.

Brioche is made with an enriched dough, which gives it that incomparable light, rich sweetness. Its signature golden color makes it look just as good as it tastes.

Breakfast Bagels

Breakfast brioche recipes

Start the day off right – the French way. Enjoy a slice (or two) of brioche as part of your breakfast and begin your day on a sweet note. Brioche is a classic on the petit dejeuner (breakfast) tables of Parisian cafés for a reason – its soft lightness doesn’t weigh heavy on the stomach, while the rich sweetness provides a certain warmth and comfort for a magnifique way to start any day.
French toast is a classic use of brioche and makes for a wonderful morning treat. Coat slices of brioche in egg wash, fry it gently in softened butter and serve with fresh berries – a recipe for breakfast success.

Our selection of brioche breakfast recipes covers all the options, so you can make sure every mood is covered. Sweet or savoury, topped with fruit or studded with chocolate chips, loaded with vegetables or served with a side of bacon. The best ways to have brioche bread for breakfast.

Red Pepper And Pancetta Brunch Burgers. A table with plates and breakfast burgers in an outdoor setting

Brunch brioche recipes

Could there be anything more classically French than a leisurely brunch? In fact, yes – a leisurely brunch paired with the softest, richest brioche. Our brunch brioche recipes are designed to turn the everyday into something extraordinary.
We’ve got all the classics; bacon, eggs, salmon, cream cheese… But we also enjoy the creative side of things with nutella, banana, caramel, friend chicken and even honey roast pumpkin. Create your dream Parisian brunch with St Pierre brioche.

Tex Mex Sausages Subs

Lunch brioche recipes

Take a midday break and treat yourself to the best lunch of the week. Our collection of brioche lunch recipes offers a variety of choices for every possible setting or occasion. Casual working lunch? How about a brioche club sandwich packed with crisp veggies? If you’re grilling for lunch, why not indulge in a Classic Cheeseburger? Then there are the game day recipes, kid-friendly lunch recipes, and those quintessentially French concoctions that will taste as though you’ve been whisked off to Paris in an instant.

Create a new lunchtime tradition and take a moment to enjoy the light sweetness of brioche – whether you’ve got 15 minutes or an hour. Our range of brioche products makes it simple to whip up a tasty meal in seconds for when you’re in a rush, or create something more elaborate  when you’re in the mood to savor every second.

Fancy Steak Hot Dog Sandwich

Dinner brioche recipes

After a long day, looking forward to your dinner is always a real treat – especially when there’s a hearty helping of soft, rich brioche involved. Our brioche dinner recipes have been created by the St Pierre team to marry the softness of brioche with our favorite dinner ingredients.

Fancy an elegant meal to kick it up a notch? Try your own twist on bistro-style steak sandwiches on brioche buns, or a delicately towering sandwich for dinner. Or, for when only pure comfort food will do, how about a Brioche Hot Dog Roll around your chili dog, or a classic, bacon-topped cheeseburger? Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s made magnifique with brioche.

Chocolate Chip Brioche To Share Recipe idea

Dessert brioche recipes

Made with an enriched dough, it’s only natural that brioche should find its way into some of our favorite desserts. Our range of brioche dessert recipes are just the thing for when you need a sweet moment of indulgence to treat yourself at the end of a meal .

Brioche buns, bread, waffles, slices – it all works wonderfully as dessert. Paired with fruit, chocolate, caramel, sugar or ice cream, brioche is the ultimate dessert ingredient. Whip up a decadent treat and it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine sitting along a dreamy Paris avenue enjoying a traditionally French café dessert. Ooh la la!

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