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Thanksgiving ideas: people holding wine glasses sat down at a table

St Pierre’s Parisian-Inspired Thanksgiving Ideas

Bring a little Parisian flair to your Thanksgiving celebrations with St Pierre and impress your guests with stylish décor and ways to set the right ambience.

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner! That means everyone is hard at work making the most delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner to share with their loved ones. The best part of it is gathering all your loved ones around a table for a big meal and plenty of conversation. What shouldn’t be hard work, is taking care of the meals you share with your families every other holiday meal. Let St Pierre take your festive meals to Paris, with some holiday recipe ideas for the whole family.

Parisian Thanksgiving Ideas: Setting the table

Thanksgiving ideas: an overhead photo of a rable with plate, food and decor

Don’t have matching plates? Don’t fret, simply add some creative flair to your table settings by mixing and matching different plates, as well as adding different colored napkins. It gives an individual touch to your table and gives it a rustic feel that will put your guests right at ease.

Parisian Thanksgiving Ideas: Bread & Wine

The French love their wine and their bread, and who can blame them! To give your table a Parisian touch, make sure to have plenty of nice wine to serve everyone, and make sure there’s always some bread in reach. Try placing some St Pierre Brioche Rolls on each end of the table for everyone to share.

Parisian Thanksgiving Ideas: Ambient & Personalized Décor

Thanksgiving ideas: people holding wine glasses sat down at a table

To really set the mood, a few candles go a long way. Maybe reuse some old wine bottles to hold dinner candles, light some tealights in clean mason jars or mix and match whatever candleholders you have at home for an eclectic but chic feel.

You can also make it extra personal and elegant with some handwritten name and menu cards. Take a look at our St Pierre decor kit, which you can download and print at home, for some Parisian-inspired table décor for Thanksgiving.

Parisian Thanksgiving Ideas: Ambiance

Thanksgiving ideas: people holding glasses of Champagne

For some final touches, play some French music in the background, Edith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg are some Parisian classics, and celebrate your dinner by starting the evening off with some bubbly. Just clink each other’s glasses and say “Santé” to a happy Thanksgiving with a Parisian touch!

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

To make the occasion even more special and add a little bit of Parisian sophistication to your celebrations, St Pierre is here for you with some Parisian Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas that will wow your guests and make this Thanksgiving unforgettable.

Thanksgiving French Toast Casserole

Whether you spend your Thanksgiving morning lounging at home or throwing a ball in the crisp fall air, breakfast is a great time to come together with your family and enjoy a moment around the table. Make your Thanksgiving breakfast into a family favorite with this French Toast casserole recipe. It’s easy to whip up and adds a little something extra to your breakfast spread.

raspberry French toast casserole

Leftover Turkey Sliders

The only thing as good as Thanksgiving dinner is making a leftover sandwich the next day. Why not take this years’ leftover turkey sandwich to the next level with this turkey slider recipe that adds a little French twist to an American classic.

left over turkey slider sandwich

Cinnamon Twist Coffee Break

Brighten up cold fall afternoons with a cinnamon twist coffee break. Bursting with festive cinnamon flavor, it’s light, soft, delicious and brings a little festive cheer to your family and friends. Try it as an afternoon treat for the day after Thanksgiving or whenever you feel like bringing out something for the whole family to enjoy.

cinnamon twist breakfast with berries and coffee

If you’re looking for an extra special way to celebrate the Holidays this year, take a look at St Pierre’s Thanksgiving ideas that will bring a little touch of Paris to your table.

If you’re looking for more ways to make Thanksgiving magnifique, why not take a look at our Thanksgiving occasions page and keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for even more inspiration for the Holidays.

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