Thanksgiving dessert ideas: a person holding a cinnamon brioche loaf on a plate

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with St Pierre. Delicious and easy to make dessert recipes meet soft and golden Parisian brioche. Our showstopping Thanksgiving dessert recipes bring sweetness to your celebration.

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The weather’s getting colder, and the festive season is so close you can taste it. To get the celebrations started on a sweet note, St Pierre is here with sweet and festive Thanksgiving dessert ideas that are easy to make, and even easier to love.

Light, golden brioche and fillings bursting with holiday flavors come together to give your holiday season a taste of Parisian sweetness.

If you’re looking for more Thanksgiving ideas to try out at home, why not visit our Thanksgiving occasion page and explore our simple recipes and hosting inspiration and tips to make it magnifique.

Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Chocolate Orange Brioche to Share

Chocolate Orange Tear And Share

Indulgent and oh so festive, this recipe for a Chocolate Orange St Pierre Brioche to Share combines all the tastes of the holiday season into one, easy to share dessert.

Find the recipe here: Chocolate Orange Brioche To Share.

Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: White Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Brioche to Share

White Chocolate & Cheery Almond Tear And Share

Add a touch of Parisian sweet indulgence to your Festive desserts, with minimum effort. This recipe for a St Pierre White Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Brioche to Share combines elegant and sophisticated ingredients to make a festive showstopper full of flavor.

Find the recipe here: White Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Brioche to Share.

Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Pecan & Maple Cinnamon Twist

Maple & Pecan Cinnamon Twist

With festive flavors in every mouthful, this recipe for a St Pierre Pecan & Maple Cinnamon Twist puts a festive spin on a holiday classic. Cream, maple syrup and home candied pecans mesh with the warming taste of cinnamon, for an irresistible take on classic pecan pie.

Find the recipe here: Pecan & Maple Cinnamon Twist

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving dessert ideas. If you try any of our recipes at home, make sure to tag StPierreUSA on Instagram and Facebook.

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