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Parisian Valentine's Ideas

Parisian Valentine’s Day Ideas

Plan a Valentine’s Day inspired by the most romantic city in the world. St Pierre brings you Parisian Valentine’s Day ideas to make your loved ones’ hearts sing.

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We all know that Paris is the most romantic city in the world, perhaps because the French don’t believe love is something that should be celebrated on just one day, but all year round. From strolls down the River Seine, to picnics under the Eiffel Tower, Paris is filled with romantic things to do. Take inspiration from the City of Love this year and fill your day with Parisian Valentine’s Day ideas.

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Parisian Valentine’s Day Ideas: Love Lock

Parisian Valentine's Ideas Locks on bridge next to the Eiffel Tower

Love locks are used to symbolize a couple’s everlasting love. They are padlocks, often engraved with the two lovers’ names and the date they locked it, attached to a bridge, fence or tree. It is then common for the key to be thrown away to show that their love is unbreakable.

Love lock bridges have become popular all over the world, with one of the most famous bridges being the Pont des Arts in Paris. Whilst you can no longer place locks on the Pont des Arts due to the weight of all the locks causing damage to the bridge, the idea behind love locks is still a romantic one. So, this Valentine’s Day taking a stroll and finding a bridge or a fence where you can place your own love lock could be a romantic way to show your everlasting love to your special someone.

Parisian Breakfast (In Bed?)

Start your Valentine’s Day off with a Parisian treat and set up a romantic breakfast in front of a window or balcony. Keep it simple and serve up a classic French breakfast using St Pierre Croissants or take a look at our Valentine’s Brunch Ideas for some magnifique ideas on what to make your loved one.

Whatever you make, the smell of St Pierre croissants and brioche will have you thinking you are enjoying breakfast right in the heart of Paris.

Parisian valentine's day ideas Breakfast In Bed

Parisian Valentine’s Day Ideas: Watch a Romantic French Film

France is known as being one of the most romantic nations in the world, so it is no surprise that they have lots of must-watch romantic films such as Chocolat or Amélie. After finishing your Valentine’s Day dinner, settle down on the sofa with a bottle of wine, some Valentine’s Easy Chocolate Dessert Sharer and a blanket and spend a cozy evening watching the best of French romance films.

Parisian valentine's day ideas Movie Projector Watch Romatnic French Film

We hope you enjoy these Parisian Valentine’s Day ideas and have a La Saint-Valentin filled with love. If you do try any of these ideas, make sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram and Facebook. And if you want any more ideas on what to do or inspiration on what to make this Valentine’s Day, check out our Valentine’s Occasions Page.

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