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Breakfast In Bed on a Tray With Croissants & Coffee

Win With St Pierre’s Valentine’s Day Quiz

Are you one of the two thirds of Americans who allow food to be eaten in bed? Find out by taking St Pierre’s Valentine’s Day quiz to discover your romantic dining style.

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To mark the most romantic day in the calendar, St Pierre has created this special Valentine’s Day quiz so you and your partner can discover whether eating breakfast in bed is magnifique or simply off limits

And if you successfully complete the quiz, then you can enter our latest giveaway to be in with a chance of winning one of St Pierre’s limited edition NAPkins! It’s a unique and luxurious hooded blanket that will keep you cosy in bed and will keep any crumbs at bay while you enjoy a romantic meal between the sheets.

The competition closes on Monday, February 20th 2023 so make sure you complete the Valentine’s Day quiz below and enter soon before all of our St Pierre NAPkins are gone!

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Take Our Valentine’s Day Quiz & Win a St Pierre NAPkin


We wanted to find out what the nation thinks about breakfast in bed as a romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day, so OnePoll conducted a survey on behalf of St Pierre with 2,000 American adults. The results are in – take a look at what we found below.

And to help you navigate whether breakfast in bed should be on the agenda this Valentine’s Day, or whether another romantic gesture will show your sweetheart that you care about them, here are some ways you might want to surprise your partner with on February 14th.


St Pierre’s 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas To Surprise Your Partner With

  1. Make breakfast in bed for your loved one

If you’re one of the 69% of Americans who, according to our survey, are planning to make breakfast in bed for someone this Valentine’s Day, then this idea to surprise your partner with couldn’t be easier to do.

Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Simply serving an array of delicious St Pierre treats such as our All Butter Mini Croissants with your favorite jellies and spreads and fresh hot coffee could be the best way to start your Valentine’s Day in the morning. You could even serve lightly toasted slices of our Brioche Loaf on a plate with your partner’s favorite jellies on the side.

Mini Croissants With Butter & Jelly

Upgraded Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

With 39% of Americans saying that breakfast is the only meal they would serve in bed, why not go all out and make it a magnifique meal. If this sounds like something you’d love to do, then check out our Valentine’s Day breakfast recipes – some of our favorites include…

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Brioche Bagel

A classic bagel topping combination elevated with St Pierre’s Brioche Bagels, this dish will show your sweetheart some love and will transport your tastebuds to Paris. We’ve added in some slices of cucumber and red onion for added crunch, plus a squeeze of lemon juice on top.

Salmon Brioche Breakfast Bagel

Breakfast Bagels

If fish isn’t on the menu for your loved one then try some other breakfast ingredients instead – this Breakfast Bagel features creamy avocado, crispy bacon and eggs (however you like them) for a truly magnifique breakfast.

Breakfast Bagels
  1.  Take a virtual trip to Paris

Picture this: you and your sweetheart are cosied up in bed together, you’ve just given each other your Valentine’s Day greetings cards and gifts, and now you want to continue the romance. What better way to do that than by experiencing Paris from the comfort of your own bed?

St Pierre Orange 2CV Car Driving Down Montmartre Streets In Paris

Experience the City of Light with St Pierre’s 24 Hours in Paris. Whether it’s a one-off experience to enjoy at home together, or maybe something that could spur on some future vacation planning, you’ll get to see some of the sights of Paris and Montmartre as well as suggestions for meals using St Pierre products along the way.

  1. Plan a Parisian-themed day at home

If you’re looking to avoid the busy restaurants and want an idea to impress your partner with on Valentine’s Day, take a look at some of our ideas on how you can host a Paris-themed day or night at home.

Paris Balcony

In our blog post, we’ve come up with ways you can have an authentic experience without leaving your house. So no matter how big you want to go with this, you can easily enjoy the Parisian lifestyle by serving a selection of St Pierre products with some French music playing in the background. Or take it to the next level and host a French movie themed evening.

Read our Parisian Valentine’s Day Ideas blog post by clicking on the button below

  1. Create a brioche-filled Valentine’s Day menu

What better way to spoil your sweetheart than by planning an at-home menu worth of a French restaurant this Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we’ve got some easy Valentine’s Day recipes to whip up in the kitchen. Some of our favorites are below, take a look at our full recipe catalogue here.

Romantic Table Presentation With Rose Petals, Glasses and Candle ideal for Valentine's Day Quiz

Blackened Salmon Burger

With 29% of Americans saying they would allow burgers to be eaten in bed – according to our survey – this meal idea might be something you might want to give a go. A gourmet burger elevated with St Pierre’s Brioche Burger Buns, this recipe features fresh and indulgent ingredients that will impress your Valentine’s Day dining guest. We love the addition of the fresh salsa on top of the burger to add an extra spicy kick to the dish.

Valentine's Day Blackened Salmon Brioche Burger ideal for Valentine's Day Quiz

Brioche Sushi Rolls

Bringing two global cuisines together in one fusion meal, these Brioche Sushi Rolls are our take on the Japanese meal using our light and slightly sweet Brioche Rolls. Brioche, crab and wasabi meet in this delicious dish that only takes 30 minutes to prep and make. Leaving more time for you and your loved one to enjoy Valentine’s Day together.

sushi brioche rolls ideal for Valentine's Day Quiz
  1. Serve something sweet between the sheets

Hear us out on this – according to our survey, the following percentage of Americans would allow these foods to be eaten in bed…

  • 🍉 Fruit: 34%
  • 🍫 Chocolate: 32%
  • 🍦 Ice Cream: 31%
  • 🍰 Pie: 29%

So it got the St Pierre team thinking… what if you surprised your partner on Valentine’s Day with dessert served in bed! Better than just a box of chocolates, take a look at our Valentine’s Day dessert ideas that, if served to them in bed, will definitely take your sweetheart off guard!

Brioche Topped Apple Pie

An all-American dessert with a Parisian twist, trust us – this one works! Using our Brioche Loaf, this sweet treat served à la Mode style could be a great way to spoil your partner at the end of Valentine’s Day.

Brioche Loaf Top Apple Pie ideal for Valentine's Day Quiz

Cookies & Cream Brioche Rolls

Bring together a favorite sweet combination with brioche and you’ve got yourself a Valentine’s Day treat too tempting to not try! These Cookies and Cream Brioche Rolls use our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls as the base, which are then filled with a crushed Oreos and mascarpone cheese mixture. Simply magnifique!

An overhead photo of Cookies and Cream Brioche Rolls on a wooden board ideal for Valentine's Day Quiz

We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day blog post and have a Saint-Valentin filled with love. If you do try any of these ideas, make sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram and Facebook. And if you want any more ideas on what to do or inspiration on what to make this Valentine’s Day, check out our Valentine’s Occasions Page.

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