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Summer Grilling Recipes with St Pierre Brioche

Make your summer magnifique with St Pierre brioche as we bring you a range of grilling recipes that you must try out this summer.

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We are getting right into the middle of grilling season so time to start firing up the grill and enjoy some open air dining. Food always tastes better outside and there are limitless possibilities of what you can cook on a barbeque, just make sure you are serving it with St Pierre brioche to make your meals magnifique.

There is a St Pierre brioche product for every occasion, to suit everyone

With Brioche Hot Dog Rolls to serve you grilling classics in, to Brioche Loaves that create delicious side dishes and Brioche Burger Buns that elevate your favorite BBQ burger, there is a St Pierre brioche product for every occasion, to suit everyone.

We have put together some of our favorite grilling recipes that you need to try this summer, so keep reading for some fantastique inspiration and meal ideas using St Pierre brioche.

If you need any further inspiration this summer on what to eat, check out our Grilling occasion page for lots of delicious recipes and meal ideas to try. Plus, take a look at our blog post on Tips and Tricks for the Ideal BBQ to make sure your cookouts are truly magnifique.

Grilling Recipes: BBQ Lemon Chicken Burgers with Peppers

A fresher, lighter burger perfect for summer days, this grilling recipe is great for those wanting an alternative to red meat. With lemon marinaded chicken breasts, peppers and sliced zucchini served inside a soft and lightly sweet Brioche Burger Bun with some zesty lemon mayonnaise. Grill the chicken, vegetables and Brioche Burger Buns on the BBQ for that extra smoky taste.

Grilled Lemon Chicken Burgers With Peppers Grilling Recipes

Harissa BBQ Cauliflower Vegetarian Burger

Warming spices, sweet honey and golden Brioche Burger Buns come together to create these delicious BBQ brioche burgers – perfect for those wanting a magnifique vegetarian option. Bursting with flavor these burgers are made up of spiced cauliflower steaks, tahini yogurt, harissa honey and homemade slaw.

Cauliflower Burger
St Pierre 4 Brioche Burger Bun Pack Shot

4 Brioche Burger Buns

Because your burger deserves the best. Our Brioche Burger Buns are pre-sliced and deliciously soft, ready to be filled with your favorite burger and toppings. A perfectly golden and plump texture holds your fillings together for a satisfying bite every time. Our brioche is lightly sweet, and the shiny glaze on top of each bun makes every bite magnifique. We also make packs of 6 Brioche Burger Buns.

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Grilling Recipes: Chicago-style Hot Dogs

Inspired by The Windy City in which this iconic hot dog variety was created, the Chicago Hot Dog is sweet, tangy and spicey all in one mouthful. Using an all-beef hot dog inside one of our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls and loaded with mustard, pickle relish, tomatoes, onions, dill pickles and peppers, you can experience both Paris and Chicago in one bite with this delicious grilling recipe.

Chicago Hot Dogs Grilling Recipes
6 St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls

6 Brioche Hot Dog Rolls

For the simple pleasures in life. Our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls are top-split so you can instantly enjoy your favorite hot dog. Our rolls are golden, soft and beautifully plump to hold all your favorite toppings. They’re easy to match with all the ingredients you love for your hot dogs. So whether you want to keep it simple with a drizzle of ketchup and mustard, or indulge and add more classic French flavors like melted camembert, let your brioche rolls take your barbecue to the rooftops of Paris.

Try it as well in a sweet recipe for a “magnifique” dessert.

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Cheesy Garlic Brioche Loaf

A BBQ isn’t just about the burgers and hot dogs, the side dishes are just as important and can be just as tasty. This cheesy garlic bread using our Brioche Loaf is a simple yet indulgent side. Spreading garlic butter onto each side of the loaf, covering in grated cheese and sprinkling chopped parsley on top before warming in the oven until the cheese has melted. This grilling recipe may just become the main event of your next BBQ.

Brioche Garlic Bread Loaf
St Pierre Brioche Loaf Product Pack

Brioche Loaf

Pre-sliced, utterly decadent and completely delicious, our sliced Brioche Loaf will make the ideal addition to your table. With a lightly sweet taste, delicate texture and irresistible richness, St Pierre’s Brioche Loaf is delicious as is  or simply toasted as a snack, and as an addition to any meal.

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If you try any of these grilling recipes be sure to take a photo and tag us @stpierreusa on Instagram and Facebook. We would love to see how you have used St Pierre Brioche at your next BBQ!