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4th July Recipes: Celebrate Independence Day

Incorporate St Pierre Brioche into your 4th July celebrations and make your Independence Day magnifique.

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Independence Day is nearly upon us and it is time to start planning your 4th July celebrations. Here at St Pierre we have some magnifique ideas for the main event, and we don’t mean the fireworks. We have some delicious recipes, deserving of a 4th July party, all made magnifique with St Pierre brioche.

If you’re looking for more ideas on what to serve this 4th July, check out our Independence Day Grilling Platter blog or our Grilling Occasion page for what to serve at your Independence Day BBQ and 4th July recipe inspiration.

4th July Recipe Idea: BLT Hot Dogs

Created by Food52, this BLT Hot Dog is an elevated take on the all-American classic hot dog. With bacon jam, juicy tomatoes, crunchy lettuce leaves and artisanal sausages, all served inside our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls, for hot dogs that create a flavor sensation. These will truly wow the guests at your 4th July party.

BLT Hot Dogs

If you want to make these BLT Hot Dogs you’ll find the recipe on Food52’s website.

Serving Suggestion: BBQ Spread

Celebrate the 4th July with a magnifique BBQ spread, featuring classic burgers, hot dogs and plenty of sides, there will be something for everyone. Our Sesame Seed Burger Buns are the perfect option for chicken burgers, and we’ve got plain Brioche Burger buns for those wanting a classic cheeseburger.

You could also try creating some side options with our Brioche Slider Rolls. We’ve opted for some pulled pork & coleslaw and mozzarella & pesto sliders. To make your BBQ spread that bit more special, don’t forget about all the extras. Try serving up some hummus and veggie sticks, potato wedges, grilled corn or couscous salad, the options are endless!

US Grilling Outdoor Spread

4th July Recipe Idea: Mini Brioche Bites

If you’re having a 4th July party and aren’t serving up a full meal but want to provide your guests with a few bites to eat, then try serving up these mini brioche bites using St Pierre brioche. Here we’ve opted for:

  • Hot Dog Chili Bites: spicy jalapenos and sweet peppers come together to elevate the traditional hot dog. Serve with your favorite sauce – you could use salsa, guacamole or even some chili con carne. Chop up into bite-sized pieces for an appetizer with some heat.
  • Mini Cheeseburgers: our Brioche Slider Rolls are perfect for mini bites and these mini cheeseburgers will definitely be a party favorite. Add a little bit of crunchy bacon or crispy lettuce for some extra flavor.
  • Mini Cheese & Ham Croissants: a simple pairing but still party worthy and an easy way to bring a taste of Paris to your 4th July celebrations. Our Mini Croissants are delicious when combined with melted cheese and ham. Perfect for those daytime parties if you don’t want something too heavy.

If you try out any of these recipes be sure to take a picture and tag us @stpierreusa on Facebook and Instagram. Let us know how you will be celebrating Independence Day with your friends and family and which 4th July recipes you’ll be trying out.  We can’t wait to see how you incorporate St Pierre into your day!

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