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Christmas Recipes

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so the food should be just as special. Here are some festive favorites and Christmas recipes to make your December magnifique, magical and memorable.


There’s nothing quite like Christmas. At St Pierre we think the festive season should be all about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying great food. That’s why we’ve created our Christmas recipe collection – to inspire you on new ways to enjoy our brioche (and more…) and celebrate the festive season.

Fom the neighborhood Christmas party to creating edible gifts, hosting the big dinner or stocking the office Christmas party – find the best Christmas food ideas and tips from Americas favorite brioche brand.

Browse our recipe collection to find easy, effective, and showstopping ideas for what to make for Christmas dinner and beyond. All these recipes are made with St Pierre products, which are available at your local grocery store.

We think the festive season should be all about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying great food

The best Christmas recipes and what to make at Christmas

Easy, simple, decadent and delicious! The recipes we’ve created have been designed to whip up with ingredients you can grab at the grocery store. Our St Pierre product range can be found in grocery stores across the US, so you can stock up on brioche burger buns and croissants for the best Holiday treat.

Read on for some of our best Christmas recipes that we’re sure will become staples on your festive menu for the entire holiday season for years to come. Browse our full recipe collection for more ideas that you can add your own spin to. Bon appétit!

Chocolate Orange Breakfast Brioche

Christmas Chocolate Orange Breakfast Brioche

There aren’t many more French classic winter flavor combinations than cocoa and citrus (also known as “orangettes”). This recipe, made with Brioche Hot Dog Rolls, is the perfect start to Christmas morning. Treat yourself to a delicious chocolate flavor and make Christmas morning magnifique and treat yourself to that delicious chocolate flavor. Magnifique!

Find the full recipe here: Chocolate Orange Breakfast Brioche.

Brie & Cranberry Toasties

Christmas Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Toasties

Just as perfect for Thanksgiving as Christmas, this warming and satisfying recipe is the perfect Christmas leftover recipe and a sure crowd pleaser. Whip it up with our Brioche Loaf and sit back with a delicious meal in minutes.

Find the full recipe here: Christmas Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Toasties.

Christmas Leftover Turkey Sandwiches

Christmas Leftover Turkey & Stuffing Brioche Burgers

Another one of our superb ideas on how to use up festive leftovers, this turkey burger recipe can be used at Christmas, Thanksgiving or year-round. Grab a pack of our soft Brioche Burger Buns and put a fun festive twist on an American classic burger.

Find the full recipe here: Christmas Turkey & Stuffing Brioche Burgers

Visit our blog for more festive season ideas, and explore our entire product range for more tips and tricks in the kitchen.