St Pierre Brioche to Share with Raspberry

Brioche Afternoon Tea Tear and Share

An easy showstopper, with a Parisian twist. Made with our Vanilla Brioche to share, fresh cream and raspberries, it’s deliciously light. The golden and soft brioche and the tangy raspberries make for a party favorite.

Prep: > 15 minutesServes: 8


  • St Pierre Brioche to Share
  • 1 large pack of raspberries
  • 300ml whipped cream
  • 3 tbsp raspberry jelly


  1. Take the whole tear & share brioche, and slice in half, horizontally
  2. Spread the cream onto the bottom slice
  3. Layer the raspberries onto the cream
  4. Place the top slice on top and create a zig zag pattern on top, add three raspberries and mint for decorations
  5. Slice and serve
St Pierre Brioche To Share Pack Shot

Brioche to Share

A soft, feather-light brioche loaf, lightly folded with mouthwatering vanilla custard. Perfect to pull apart and share amongst your family, for a delicious any time treat, or served as a tasty alternative to cake.

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