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Brioche Loaves


Pre-sliced, soft and lightly sweet, St Pierre brioche loaves are the perfect addition to your weekly grocery shop, to easily elevate your meals  and make them magnifique. Whether you’re adding a touch of elegance to your regular weekday sandwiches, upgrading your breakfast with a spectacular Paris-inspired French toast, or simply enjoying a slice spread with jam or peanut butter, every slice from our Brioche Loaves is simply irresistible.

Our Brioche Loaves

St Pierre has lovingly baked a variety of different Brioche Loaves for you to try out at home.
Take a look at our products below.

Brioche French Toast

Brioche Loaf

It’s a classic for a reason. Rich, golden, soft, and light – try our Brioche Loaf to easily elevate your everyday meals. An ideal addition to your breakfast tablelightly toasted and spread with butter and jam, served with your favorite sandwich fillings at lunch or baked into a glorious bread pudding, the options are endless

Choc Chip French Toast

Chocolate Chip Brioche Loaf

Everyone deserves a treat from time to time. And what better way to treat yourself than with a slice (or two) of our decadent, rich Chocolate Chip Brioche Loaf? Featuring delicious chocolate chips for a more indulgent sweet treat, this is sure to become an instant hit with the family. Serve with chocolate spread or use it in your next French toast dish for a sweet upgrade.

St Pierre Vanilla Tear & Share Loaves

Vanilla Brioche To Share

Layers of rich brioche bread and swirls of delicious vanilla custard – try our Vanilla Brioche to Share for your next family treat. For a decadent breakfast, or a real easy and quick dessert that’s sure to become a fast favorite, grab one of these delicious loaves on your next shop.

Cinnamon Brioche To Share

Brioche Cinnamon Twist

Soft, sweet and wonderfully light, our Brioche Cinnamon Twist loaf is a true teatime classic. Whether you have it straight from the loaf with a swipe of butter or lightly toasted with your spread of choice, this is a delicious snack at any time of the day.

What is a brioche loaf?

Brioche is a traditional type of enriched bread that originally comes from France. Brioche loaves are a convenient way to enjoy this type of bread, as one slice of this lightly sweet bread is sure to hit the spot.

At St Pierre, our Brioche Loaves come pre-sliced, so it’s even easier for you to add a touch of French flair to any meal.

How to eat a brioche loaf?

There are so many ways to enjoy St Pierre’s Brioche Loaf. Try a slice lightly toasted, spread with a generous serving of butter (preferably French), and your favorite jam or jelly. You can also use brioche bread to make an even better version of the classic Texas Toast. Or use pieces of sliced brioche as the base for your favorite sandwich recipe – traditional or open faced – and pile high with your preferred toppings and fillings.

How to eat chocolate brioche loaf?

Our Chocolate Chip Brioche Loaf is particularly excellent for when you need a sweet fix. Try it lightly toasted or warmed, and drizzled with maple syrup and chocolate spread for a sumptuous Nutella Breakfast dish. Or, use it as the base for a decadent Chocolate Chip Bread and Butter Pudding for when you need a dessert that really wows.

How to store a brioche loaf?

Once you’ve purchased your St Pierre Brioche Loaf from your local grocery store, make sure to store it correctly. The best way to store our Brioche Loaf is in a cool, dry place. After opening the packaging make sure to tightly reseal or keep the loaf in an airtight container. Keep it out of strong sunlight and away from any foods with strong odors that might take over the wonderful brioche smell.

Find out where to buy St Pierre products to stock up on our Brioche Loaves and browse the full St Pierre product range to get inspired for your next mealtime.

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