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Breakfast Crepes

Moms Meet Rate Our Chocolate Crêpes

Here are five reasons why Moms Meet Mom Ambassadors across the USA, as well as us here at St Pierre, love our Chocolate & Hazelnut Rolled Crêpes.

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To get more people as excited about our products as we are, we recently invited 100 Moms Meet ambassadors to try our St Pierre Chocolate & Hazelnut Rolled Crêpes.

We’re pleased to report that 99% of the ambassadors, who represented 2,000 group members across the USA, said they were likely to buy and recommend our Crêpes! And 76% rated the product as excellent. We call that a success in our books!

If you needed more convincing, take a look at our five reasons why Moms Meet ambassadors rated our Crêpes so highly, and why here at St Pierre we love them too with some top tips on ways to enjoy them for the whole family.

Dipped Milk Treat Crepes
  1. They are a taste of Paris

One of the top reasons why the ambassadors loved them was because of the taste, with one of them saying: “These are amazing, and my group can’t wait to purchase more!”

We agree that our Chocolate & Hazelnut Rolled Crêpes are delicious and are definitely a moreish treat. They are a French-style crêpe filled with chocolate and hazelnut, so you can easily enjoy the magnifique tastes of Paris right in the comfort of your own home, or on the go.

  1. They are individually wrapped

The Moms Meet ambassadors also said they liked that our Crêpes are a good on-the-go snack. Our Crêpes are individually wrapped meaning that they are easy to pop inside your handbag, or pack as a treat in kids’ lunchboxes for school.

crepe packed lunch snack
  1. They are great for kids…

At St Pierre, we’re always looking for delicious products for parents and their children to enjoy. So that’s why when we found out from the ambassadors that they would rate our Crêpes highly because they’re great for their kids, it put a smile on our faces.

We’re passionate about making high-quality products that parents can trust for their families, and that kids enjoy eating. That’s why our Crêpes are non GMO, have no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors in them, and are also suitable for vegetarians.

  1. …but a firm favorite with parents too

“They are so good! Kids love them but the moms in my group are tempted to keep them to ourselves.”

One of our favorite reviews from the Moms Meet ambassadors was this one – and we agree with them. While they’re ideal for giving to the kids as part of their school lunchboxes, or as an after school treat, they’re great for adults too. So make sure you do set aside some for yourselves to enjoy!

Simply enjoy on their own with a hot drink for a magnifique moment in the day, or indulge in a breakfast or brunch with our Crêpes topped with some mixed berries, whipped cream and a light dusting of powdered sugar.

crepes and chocolate ice cream
  1. They are an easy dessert or sweet treat

While our Crêpes do make for a great snack on their own, we agree with this ambassador on the ways you can eat them: “These were so good. We tried them both hot and cold and they were a hit!”

Here at St Pierre, we also like to enjoy our Crêpes as a tasty dessert or a sweet treat. Simply serve with a couple of scoops of ice cream and drizzle some chocolate sauce on top, and you have an easy and magnifique treat that will impress the whole family. Add some sliced fruit or different toppings, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

You could also keep the kids entertained by getting them to make this giraffe out of our Crêpes on their plates as a weekend breakfast activity.

Breakfast Crepes

And just in case you needed any more convincing to buy our St Pierre Chocolate & Hazelnut Rolled Crepes: “All of my parents said they would recommend St Pierre Chocolate and Hazelnut Crepes to others.”

You can try our délicieux Chocolate & Hazelnut Crepes for yourselves – find your nearest stockist using our Where To Buy page.

If you try our Chocolate & Hazelnut Rolled Crepes and more lovely things to say like the Moms at Moms Meet, be sure to let us know @stpierreusa on Instagram and Facebook.

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