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Sliced Brioche Loaf Sandwiches

Easter Sandwich Ideas

Make your Easter magnifique with St Pierre as we bring you some and our delicious sandwich ideas to try over Easter.

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Easter is nearly here, and we all know it is going to be a weekend filled with lots of chocolate. If you’re looking for something a bit different to eat, St Pierre has some magnifique sandwich ideas for you to try this Easter, all using our delicious brioche. If the weather is nice, these sandwiches are also perfect to pack up and take out on an Easter Sunday picnic.

If you need any more Easter food inspiration check out our Easter occasion page for more ideas.

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Brioche Picnic Finger Sandwiches

Baguette Sandwiches brioche picnic finger sub

Full from all the chocolate and can’t face a full sandwich? These picnic finger sandwiches could be a great option to try out.

Using our St Pierre Brioche Sub Rolls, make whatever sandwiches you fancy – we have some délicieux ideas on the Recipes page – and cut the Sub Roll into four pieces. Great for sharing with friends and family this Easter.

Sliced Brioche Sandwiches

Sliced Brioche Loaf Sandwiches

Add a French twist to your afternoon tea sandwiches using our Sliced Brioche Loaf. We’ve gone for ham & brie, smoked salmon, avocado & cream cheese and tomato & mozzarella, although you can create whatever sandwiches you like. Don’t forget to have a few bowls of chips on the side.

Brioche Club Sandwich

St Pierre Brioche Loaf Club Sandwich

Fresh lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon and chicken, the club sandwich is a classic that will keep the whole family happy over Easter. With our Sliced Brioche Loaf you can add a little taste of Paris to your lunchtime meal effortlessly.

Japanese Style Fruit Sandwiches

Japanese Sandwiches

Still in the mood for something sweet? Try these fruit sandwiches, where Tokyo meets Paris. These bright and colorful sandwiches are made with our Sliced Brioche Loaf, cream frosting and fresh fruit giving you a magnifique alternative to cake.

We hope your have a Happy Easter and enjoy trying out these fantastique recipes. If you do try any of these Easter sandwich ideas make sure you take a photo and tag us @stpierreusa on Instagram and Facebook.