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Girl Drinking Coffee in a St Pierre Café With A Croissant

Quiz: How French Are You?

Is the French lifestyle better than the American? New research reveals just how many of us dream of living it and already take inspiration from it in our daily lives. Take our quiz to find out how French you are and whether you’re destined for the French lifestyle.

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Here at St Pierre, we adore the French lifestyle – from the delicious cuisine, to the beautiful landscapes and everything else in between. But what does the nation think of it?

In our latest study we’ve discovered that half of Americans dream of living the French lifestyle, with the top reasons being because of the landmarks, restaurants and pastries.

In our research of 3,000 adults we found that…

  • Over half (55%) feel that the French way of life is better.
  • Almost a third dream of living it and would consider moving there
  • Americans consider the French lifestyle to be fashionable (41%), cultured (39%) and relaxed (37%).
  • Nearly two thirds of adults believe they have taken inspiration from the French lifestyle already, when it comes to their fashion, interest in artwork and their cooking skills.

How French are you?

While most of us might dream of living life like the French do, have you ever wondered how much you’re already doing it? Take our St Pierre How French Are You quiz below to find out.

Here’s what else we discovered in our research and how you can live the French lifestyle from the comfort of your own home with St Pierre’s range of magnifique brioche…

A Taste Of Paris

Our study, which was  carried out via OnePoll ahead of National Brioche Day – St Pierre’s annual celebration of brioche – found that 37% think of France as a ‘foodie country’, with croissants, champagne and brioche named the best items to come out of the country.

Turns out food is also one of the biggest reasons Americans want to live in France, with some of the top reasons being to enjoy dining out, visiting cafes and coffee shops and eating brioche.

Many of us are already enjoying foods which originated from across the channel, with croissants, Dijon mustard and brioche among the most popular foods.

Table Spread Fully Covered Of St Pierre BBQ Food

Explore our Recipes

If you’re looking to indulge more in French foods, why not take a look at our Recipes section to discover different ways to use some French classics in your everyday meals. Here are some simple ideas from the St Pierre team:

Soaking Up The French Culture

St Pierre 2CV car in Montmartre

Food and drink are not the only reasons for Americans wanting to live in France, with other reasons including architecture, castles and shopping as well as immersing themselves in art galleries and learning the language.

When it comes to the language, 17% already speak French and 28% are currently learning. Not only that but Americans believe that over a third of our daily vocabulary originates from France, with words such as déjà vu, fiancé and rendezvous believed to have derived from the French language.

Go On A Virtual Trip To Paris

To give you a flavor of the City of Light, St Pierre has created a virtual 24 Hours In Paris experience. You’ll be able to spend a whole day and evening exploring the French capital on your computer or mobile, with recipe inspiration along the way using St Pierre products.

Use Our Taste Of Paris Filter

If you want to get a snapshot of yourself in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower, use our Instagram or Facebook Taste Of Paris filter. You’ll be able to wear our St Pierre orange beret, and get a photo of yourself in front of the iconic Parisian landmark either in the day or at night.

It is clear from this research, to celebrate St Pierre’s National Brioche Day on May 14th, that Americans have a very positive perception of what the French lifestyle is, and they dream of living it. Here at St Pierre, we are all about bringing you a taste of France in every bite, so we can bring the best of French food to you with brioche, croissants and crêpes, making you feel as though you are already in Paris.

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