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Super Bowl 2023 Hot Dog Rolls Platter Football Game Day Appetizers

Top Football Appetizers To Serve At Game Day

Ready, set, go! Get your head in the game and take a look at St Pierre's football appetizers to make sure you and your guests can enjoy the big game with some magnifique treats.

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Win big this game day with these fan-pleasing, mouth-watering appetizers, and recipes. Our soft and sweet brioche will be the real MVP of the day. Whether you’re celebrating for the whole weekend or just tucking in to the big game, we’ve got you covered.

Great food and the big game go hand in hand, and here at St Pierre we believe that delicious football appetizers are a key part of the occasion, plus, they’re made that much better with our light, soft and slightly sweet brioche.

Whether you’re celebrating for the whole weekend or just tucking in to the big game, we’ve got you covered.

To get prepped before game day, the team have come up with their favorites and created the ultimate list of top football appetizers for you to serve to your guests on game day. We’ve included some game day recipes that you can find right here on our website, as well as tasty ideas from our St Pierre ambassadors and community.

So, whether you’re looking for some brioche hot dog bites, classic grilled cheese or brioche sliders to get you and your guests geared up for the big game, St Pierre has got plenty ideas for you to try out.

If you’re looking to App Your Game and whip up some magnifique football appetizers for game day using St Pierre’s products, make sure you share them with us by tagging @StPierreUSA on Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Be Smart With Your Football Appetizers Game Platter

Get the crowd going with our Ultimate Game Day Platters. This is a real crowd-pleaser with something for everyone. Shake it up any way you like and serve alongside your favorite dips, chips, slaws, and salads. One game day cheat we’re happy to share is one we’ve been sticking to for years. Try chopping up your hot dogs into two or three to create mini bites – easier to share and everyone gets a taste!

So, when is the big game?

Have your apps at the ready for kick-off on February 12 at 6.30pm (EST). This game will be hosted at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

  1. Goal Line Brioche Garlic Bread Sharer

Get ready to feed the crowd with our vegetarian Goal Line Brioche Garlic Bread Sharer. Tuck in at any time during the game for a taste of victory.

Garlic Burger Buns Bread Brioche Garlic Sharer

A simple and classic appetizer with a Parisian twist – this Goal Line Brioche Garlic Bread Sharer uses our Brioche Burger Buns as the base, topped with a melted garlic butter mixture, creamy grated mozzarella and some chopped herbs.

Football Appetizers Top Tip

If you don’t have any of our Brioche Burger Buns to hand for this recipe, you could easily swap in Brioche Hot Dog Rolls, Sliders or even slices of our Brioche Loaf for this one.

  1. Half Time Football Game Ham & Cheese Sliders Appetizers

Serve up a half time show to remember with our Half Time Cheese Sliders. Starring our deliciously sweet 12-pack Brioche Sliders Rolls, this easy game day recipe can be made ahead of kick-off so you can give you full undivided attention to your team. Simply layer your sliders with cheese and ham and top them off with a buttery glaze. Say ‘au revoir’ to your sliders for 15 minutes as they head into the oven for a light toasting.

Ham & Cheese Sliders

Whether you’re celebrating for the whole weekend or just tucking in to the big game, we’ve got your Football appetizers covered.

  1. Game On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Football Appetizer

The best bite-sized appetizer that only takes 15 minutes to make, give these Game On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bites a go for the big game. Using our Brioche Loaf, we’ve filled these tasty treats with grated cheese and baby spinach, sliced them up and served with our favorite dip.

Game On Grilled Cheese Sandwich Football Appetizers

Football Appetizers Top Tip

If you’re in need of some ideas of what dip to serve with these Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bites, take a look at our list below…

Best Game Day Appetizer Dips

  • 🍕 Pizza Dip
  • 🧅 French Onion Dip
  • 🥒 Dill Pickler Dip
  • 🧀 Blue Cheese Dip
  • 🥬 Spinach Artichoke Dip
  1. A Fancy Smokey Brisket Burger To Pair With Your Football Appetizers

Get your grill on for game day and be inspired by our Smokey Brisket Burger. You’ll need to set aside 4 hours or so for this recipe, but you’ll have plenty of time to get on with game day prep whilst the brisket is slow cooking. Top with pickles and crunchy pickled onions to finish and Bon appétit!

Beef Brisket Burger - Happy National Hamburger Day

How can I watch the big game?

If you’re struggling to find where to watch the game, Fox Sports have announced that as well as the televised version, live on FOX they will be streaming the game on its website.

  1. MVP Pulled Pork & Slaw Sliders

For a super speedy football appetizer, try out these MVP Pulled Pork & Slaw Sliders. You’re only going to need four ingredients for this dish, and it only takes 30 minutes to create these magnifique game day appetizers. Tangy BBQ pulled pork, creamy slaw and our lightly sweet Brioche Slider Rolls are the best team (except for whoever you’re cheering on for the big game, of course!).

  1. Cuban Sliders

This appetizer version of the classic Cuban sandwich thanks to @JodiEats_ on Instagram is something you won’t be able to resist trying. Tangy Dijon mustard, sliced ham, juicy pulled pork and pickles, and creamy Swiss cheese are a winning combination in these Cuban Sliders – only made better by them being serving inside St Pierre’s Brioche Slider Rolls.

  1. Brioche Smoked Roast Beef & Cheddar Sliders

Thanks to St Pierre Ambassador, @JoshHunt_Griddlin, this mouth-watering football appetizer will keep your guests happy and cheering for your side throughout the big game. Josh has filled our Brioche Slider Rolls with thinly sliced smoked roast beef topped with a generous helping of a homemade cheddar sauce, and then topped them with a garlic butter and seasoning mixture.

  1. Shredded BBQ Beef, Coleslaw & Pickle Sliders

Emmanuel Duverneau, a 25 years old Californian chef & content creator has recently is showing you how to top up our lightly sweet Brioche Sliders with shredded beef, coleslow and pickles for the ultimate Game Day appetizer that will flatter the taste buds of all your guests.

By the way, did you know that you could win amazing prizes by posting one of your St Pierre creation? Check out our latest contest now!

  1. Our Brioche Spin On Bagel Bites

We’ve taken our Brioche Sub Rolls and transformed them into a nostalgic dish that you’ll know and love from your childhood – Bagel Bites!

Our spin on a nostalgic dish can be customized depending on what pizza toppings you love. Simply spread tomato sauce on top, sprinkle with cheese and add your favorite topping before slicing into bite-sized pieces. Heat up in the oven for 5-10 minutes or until the cheese melts, and voila! Ready to serve, ready to eat.

Don’t forget to go wild with whatever pizza toppings you like, and try using St Pierre Slider Rolls to make these classic snacks without having to slice them up. ⁠

  1. Brioche Butter Board Appetizer

An unconventional but game changing football appetizer that’s easy to serve with any of our brioche products – for this version, we’ve simply added softened butter to a board and topped with crispy bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup. Served some toasted brioche on the side and get your guests to dive in!

@stpierreusa This brioche #ButterBoard has our mouths watering 😍 what are you serving on yours? #StPierre #brioche #trending #foodtok #snackideas ♬ original sound – St Pierre USA

  1. Any Brioche Product For The Perfect Game Day Appetizers To Share

Already know what appetizers you’ll be making for game day? Grab a bag of your favorite St Pierre Brioche and add to your spread. Whether you’re slicing, toasting or tearing your brioche, we can guarantee there’ll only be one winner this game day.


#AppYourGame with St Pierre brioche 🏈⁠

Food is the best part of watching the Big Game, second only to your team winning the championship. @StPierreUSA is rewarding those with the most creative Big Game appetizers with prizes worth celebrating with a touchdown dance. #AppYourGame winners will receive:⁠

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If you’re using any of the suggestions above, why not share them with us by tagging @StPierreUSA on Instagram and Facebook. And you can find out where to buy our St Pierre products from for your game day creations on our Where To Buy page.

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