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Father’s Day Recipes

Seeded Burger Bun With Pulled PorkMake Father’s Day magnifique with St Pierre’s recipes.

Father’s Day is always a special family occasion. At St Pierre, we believe that every family occasion is about good food and great company. On Father’s Day, celebrate your loved ones. We all have father figures in our lives – dads, stepdads, grandparents, uncles, family friends. Whoever is in your life, show them how much they mean to you this Father’s Day, with the help of St Pierre.

Outside Grilling Brioche Burger Platter - National Hamburger Day

Our range of Father’s Day recipes and Father’s Day food ideas have been put together by our team to show you the variety of different ways you can use brioche in your celebratory meals. Let us help you make this year’s Father’s Day one to remember, with a selection of ideas and tips for every time of day, no matter how big or small the gathering is.

From twists on American classics – like our Fried Chicken Waffles Sandwich – to diner-inspired specialties like our decadent French Dip Sandwich, there’s something to suit every family. We’ve even got burgers for every meal – from the classic Loaded Brioche Burger to our incredible Chocolate Burger recipe (we promise it works!).

Father’s Day Recipes from St Pierre

Browse our collection for inspiration and find the best Father’s Day recipes…

ham and cheese brioche toastie

Ham & Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A classic combo for a reason, ham and cheese is such a delicious comfort food. You can serve this sandwich for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Because we don’t do things by halves, our ham and cheese sandwich is a triple layer creation.

Use our soft and slightly sweet sliced Brioche Loaf for a sandwich that will taste just like it’s from a Parisian café. For the filling, you’ll need cheese (we recommend Swiss cheese, but feel free to substitute for whatever dad’s favorite is), sliced ham, and fresh spinach leaves.

Get the full Ham & Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe.

loaded brioche cheese burger

Loaded Brioche Burger

A true classic, you can’t go wrong with a burger for Father’s Day. Our recipe is loaded up with cheese slices, pickled gherkins, lettuce and crispy onion rings.

Add a dollop of your condiment of choice – ketchup, mustard, burger sauce – and sandwich it all together with one of our soft Brioche Burger Buns. For some added crunch, go for a Sesame Seed Brioche Burger Bun.

Get the full Loaded Brioche Burger recipe.

pulled pork brioche baguette

French Dip Sandwich

Soft French bread, rich brisket, silky gravy and melted cheese… what a combination! The base to our Father’s Day special French Dip Sandwich is our soft and golden Brioche Sub Rolls. They’re the ideal vehicle for dipping.

Split the rolls in half, spoon in slow cooked brisket until it’s just about to spill over the edges. Layer over cheese – we’re partial to a strong blue cheese (French, of course…), but you can use any good melting cheese here. Drizzle over a little gravy and sandwich your rolls together. Dip the sandwich in a pot of gravy as you eat – simply magnifique!

Get the full French Dip Sandwich recipe.

fried chicken waffle sandwich burger

Fried Chicken Waffles Sandwich

A classic, reinvented with a French twist. Using our Brioche Waffles with Butter, we’ve taken chicken and waffles and made it even better.

Carefully broil your waffles, before layering up with crispy bacon, American cheese, buttermilk fried chicken pieces and crisp lettuce. We like to add spicy mayonnaise or a swipe of Dijon mustard to ours.

Get the full Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich recipe.

donut brioche burger buns

Chocolate Burgers

If your dad has a sweet tooth, or your looking for a simple but showstopping dessert to round off the meal, this recipe is sure to be a winner. Finish Father’s Day on a sweet note with our special dessert burger recipe.

Split open a Brioche Burger Bun and spread the bottom half with Nutella or chocolate spread. Spoon over a layer of whipped heavy cream – you could add a handful of chopped berries here for a fruity twist. Add the top half of the bun, top with more Nutella or chocolate spread and top with a handful of chocolate flakes, rainbow sprinkles or grated chocolate.
Get the full Chocolate Burgers recipe.

What to make for Father’s Day dinner?

Father’s Day dinner recipes can be found across the internet, but what matters the most is what your family likes. For some, Father’s Day is an opportunity to get out the barbecue and get grilling up your favorite rib eye, grill shrimp or barbecued veggie recipes.

For others, Father’s Day dinner is a more formal affair with table settings and a couple of courses – whether it’s fried chicken, slow cooker casserole or something new.

The best thing about this is that St Pierre’s range of brioche and bakery products can elevate any of these occasions to make your Father’s Day meals magnifique.

For a true taste of French indulgence, St Pierre’s brioche, croissant and pastry options can enhance your dinner table. Why not serve up breakfast in bed for your loved one, complete with lightly toasted Brioche Loaf and a delicious Chocolate Croissant?

Or, for lunchtime treats or picnics in the park, pack up some filled Brioche Bagels (grilled chicken and egg salad are popular fillings), pasta salad, potato salad, chicken wings and perhaps some of our signature Chocolate & Hazelnut Rolled Crêpes for dessert.

If you’re having a sit down Father’s Day dinner this year, the options truly are endless. Perhaps a rich and sumptuous slow cooker tomato sauce and meatballs, or a classic fried chicken and gravy. For something more casual, how about some chicken wings slathered in barbecue sauce, or cheeseburgers served up in our best-selling Brioche Burger Buns?

For more ideas, check out our collection of Father’s Day Dinner Ideas.

When is Father’s Day?

In the United States, Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday in June. That makes it fairly easy to remember! Though the date may change slightly every year, it’s always a time for celebration.

What is a good menu for Father’s Day?

Of course, the best menu will be one shaped by your family traditions. Favorite family recipes, classics from childhood, or those with a good story.

Here are a few Father’s Day food ideas and options for various menus, to inspire you, from the St Pierre team…

Brioche French toasts

Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

  • Croissants toasted and served with butter and jelly
  • Continental breakfast – bread, deli meats and cheeses
  • Fruit salad made with seasonal fruits
  • Brioche French toast with topped with brown sugar
  • Waffles with sausage links, bacon and syrup
  • Brioche bagels – lox and cream cheese, egg and cheese, etc.
  • Eggs any way – sunny side up, poached, omelet, scrambled served with toasted Brioche Loaf
ham and cheese brioche toastie

Father’s Day Lunch Ideas

  • Classic grilled cheese – upgrade with French cheese and brioche bread
  • Meatball subs and chips
  • Burgers (beef, turkey, veggie, bean) and fries
  • Loaded hot dogs with mustard, ketchup and relish
  • Sandwiches using our range of brioche bread
Double Cheeseburgers

Father’s Day Dinner Ideas

  • Brioche burgers – pick your dad’s favorite burger & toppings
  • Steak sandwiches in Brioche Hot Dog Rolls
  • Mini Cheeseburgers using our Brioche Slider Rolls
donut brioche burger buns

Father’s Day Dessert Ideas

  • Brioche Bread Pudding – chocolate chip or classic
  • Brioche topped apple pie with custard
  • Chocolate burgers
  • Cookies & cream brioche rollsBrioche ice cream sandwiches
  • Brioche cup cakes
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut Rolled Crepes with ice cream
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