National Brioche Day

Friday May 14th 2021
With your first brioche love

What Is National
Brioche Day?

Brought to you by St Pierre, National Brioche Day (14th May) is our dedicated celebration of brioche. We thought it deserved its own day to inspire you with delicious products, meal ideas, serving suggestions and much more!

With our authentic Parisian recipes and premium range of products, we believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to brioche no matter what the meal occasion is. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sweet or savoury.

A little treat or a showstopping meal. St Pierre brioche makes every day magnifique.

Find Your Perfect
Brioche Match

Simply answer our six multiple choice questions to find out which St Pierre brioche product is your perfect match, and a recipe idea for you to try out.

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Take The Quiz

Discover your perfect brioche match to make your next meal magnifique!

Let's go
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Question 1.

What’s your favorite meal of the day:


Question 2.

Do you prefer Sweet or Savory:

I like to mix it up
Leaning toward sweet
Leaning toward savory

Question 3.

How do you like spending your free time:

TV & Social media
Outdoor Pursuits
City breaks

Question 4.

What’s your favorite Parisian landmark?

Eiffel Tower
Arc De Triomphe
Le Louvre
Palace of Versailles

Question 5.

What would be your perfect evening at home:

Cosy film night
Romantic meal for two
Throwing a big party
After work workout

Question 6.

What’s your favorite drink:

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Where To Buy

St Pierre brioche is available to buy in grocery stores nationwide, as well as online. Finding where to buy our products couldn’t be simpler. Just put your address in the search bar, choose a delicious St Pierre product, and we’ll show you where you can buy your chosen treat.


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